The Truth About Self-Promotion

Could you, on the spot, tell me something super-cool about who you are and what you do? If you’ve got some good stuff you’re ready and willing to share, bravo!! If not, you’re not alone. So many people completely crumple at the thought of tooting their own horn. But here’s the sad consequence: playing small doesn’t make big dreams come true.

I’ve talked with so many women who have watched huge opportunities pass them by, often because they didn’t speak up. One realized too late that her supervisors didn’t even think of her for the open position she coveted – because she never bothered to tell them she’d be perfect for it. Here’s the truth: People who know how to self-promote get promoted, whether they’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or hoping someone will publicize their art.

Throw away your humble pie. 

Before you cringe and contort into a ball of nerves, hear me out. I’m not telling you to puff up your chest or step on someone else to get ahead. To the contrary, I want you creative, sensitive geniuses to see that it’s possible to self-promote without sounding slimy and conceited or feeling inauthentic.  If you need to give it a different word, go for it. Christine Kane calls it “positioning” {and she rocks at it}. Michelle Ward calls it pimpin’ {simply because it makes her giggle!}.

Try a new recipe. 

No matter what you call it, self-promotion works like magic when you focus on this key ingredient: your purposeful passions. Think about the ways your skills and talents bring you joy and help others. Are you a photographer who helps people see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Are you a therapist who steers clients out of danger and into delight? Have people thanked you for somehow brightening their day or easing their load – just by being who you are and doing what you do? These are the qualities that make you unique, intrinsically motivated to succeed, and poised to excel. Notice the fire in your belly when you focus on those traits; it transforms self-promotion into purposeful, passionate dialogue. This is not about proving you’re better than anyone else; it’s about honoring and sharing how your innate gifts serve a greater purpose. It’s about letting your spark lead you into the limelight.

I know so many brilliant, soulful, creative professionals who add so much light to the world – but are frustrated that the world barely notices. They keep hoping that if they post enough beautiful art on Etsy or coach enough clients through life transformations, their big break will come. Reporters will flock to their door. Their blogs will attract throngs of followers. I would love for this to be true – for all good work to automatically receive good buzz.

But it takes a bit more effort. Yes, the universe is conspiring in your favor – but it needs you to handle some of the details, love. It needs you to embrace your own worth, to be willing to stand up for yourself. If you want the world to find your light, you have to give us directions.

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Liv Lane

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