restless soul syndrome: finding the cure

are you suffering from restless soul syndrome? here's how to find a cure...

How many days this week have you woken up feeling anxious, fidgety, unsettled? How many nights this week have you laid in bed with your eyes wide open, even though you felt dog-tired? How many times this week did you feel wrapped up in joy? 

Two years ago, I wrote here about an all-too-common state of being I call restless soul syndrome. It remains one of the most frequently-read posts on the blog; women find their way to it every day, looking for any bit of relief from this perpetual state of unrest.

This is bad news.

Because it tells me restless soul syndrome is running rampant. Left untreated, it feeds off itself, spreading like a fungus and clogging the spiritual arteries to your heart. When a hot bath or good workout or great dessert doesn’t cure the unrest of your soul, it’s easy to beat yourself up and spiral down. And when it seems like everybody else has their act together – looking rested, happy, productive, focused – you not only start to resent the lucky jerks but use their joy as further evidence that you’re a big fat loser. Sound familiar?

In Soul Currency, Ernest D. Chu writes, “Any sense of restlessness is a sign your soul is ready to grow.” The problem, I hear so many women say, is figuring out where and what and how to grow. Actually, dear ones, the problem is assuming that there’s something to DO in order to embrace all you’re meant to BE.

Want to cure your restless soul syndrome?

you. are. light. Treat yourself to stillness every day, even if it feels scary at first. Put down the crossword puzzle. Turn off the computer. Close your eyes in the shower. Listen for light: instrumental music, the birds chirping outside, children giggling, wind in the trees. Imagine yourself standing in a beam of loving, brilliant light that has the power to heal what feels broken, calm your racing heart, ease your fears, melt away guilt. Feel the light moving from head to toe, warm and soothing, relaxing and renewing.

Every moment of stillness is soul balm; providing space for your light to expand, gently awakening your sense of worth, boldly inviting guidance to come (in nudges, in whispers, in synchronicity, in signs), quietly leading you to people and places and opportunities that allow for greater joy, for deeper understanding.

We move into March tomorrow; use this month to make stillness a habit (some of you will be starting this practice, others will be deepening it). Just as you would not take a vitamin one day and consider your body fully fortified, serenity will likely remain a stranger without regular doses of self-prescribed stillness.

All that anxiousness, all those worries, all that emptiness is actually your soul’s way of letting you know it’s time to grow. Your restless soul is calling you into the light – how great! And all you have to do is be.

remember who you are (an ode to bravery)

Remember Who You Are

wall mural in oakland, california

Apparently, I’ve had so much going on inside, that I forgot to report back to the outside. I stopped by my own blog this morning and was shocked to see I haven’t posted here in weeks.

When I’m trudging through giant change in my life, I often don’t even realize the magnitude of it until I emerge again on the other side. And by then, it feels impossible to explain the details, to organize the synchronicities and revelations in a way that matters to anyone else.

But I still wanna try.

I want to write an ode to bravery. I want to tell you it’s worth it – the vulnerability, the nervousness, the speaking up and the calming down. I want to highly recommend the self-reflection that feels blinding and brutal  right up until it doesn’t, suddenly revealing the brightness of you.

I want you to experience the glory of remembering who you are. The little one with the pure heart, the sparkling eyes, the bursting joy, and the innate trust that all is well. She’s still in there, playing hide-and-seek. Go inside and get her.

These past few months have rocked my world. Some shifts felt like earthquakes, others were subtle and sweet. Last summer, opening up here about my lifelong back-and-forth with the Great Beyond opened me up to receiving more. In the fall, saying yes and leaning into an 18 day conversation with Spirit left me (and many others) speechless. Gutted. Reborn. Radiant.

Saying yes – the deepest yes – to who I am and why I’m here has been met with so many yeses in my work. In December, my intuitive Firecracker Calls were already sold out through March (what!? yes.). Spirit comes through clearer than ever now; I am merely the channel for leading women to their own YES and it feels like such an honor every time. And then, to be guided into creating Project Light Year, a year-long experience that – only a few days in – is already revealing such huge shifts and amazing results for the women who said YES to it? It’s just the most beautiful gift. (You can still say yes to joining us, by the way)

I share this because I want to be your proof. A dangling carrot reminding you it works, it’s worth it. When you decide to be brave, to speak your truth, to trust the universe, to amplify your light, to remember who you are…feel free to tell the doubtful shadows that I told you to. I’ll be your scapegoat. And then, as you deepen your yes and see it reflected back into your life, your heart exploding like fireworks, pass it on. Become the one who tells the others that it works, that it’s worth it. Be the proof. I dare you to say yes.

Restless Soul Syndrome

street sign - wrong way

 Anybody out there feel like you’re living in a perpetual state of unrest? Inexplicably fidgety and anxious? Maybe you lay awake at night, knowing you’re dog tired but just staring into darkness? I feel, hear, see a growing restlessness among women I know. I hear from readers every week who know deep down there’s gotta be something more; they’re feeling pulled towards creative outlets they never before imagined enjoying, and tossing around ideas that seemingly came out of the blue. I think it’s an epidemic. Or maybe a revolution.


That sense of unease and longing for something more is not in your head. It can’t be cured with a pill or a hot bath or a good workout. Because it’s deep.


“Any sense of restlessness is a sign that your soul is ready to grow. Answering the call of your soul by pursuing a new entrepreneurial activity or a form of creative expression, such as writing, playing music, or sculpting, would be a natural process in aligning yourself with Spirit. If you are restless, this is how you’re being guided or invited by your soul to find deeper fulfillment through more satisfying work and meaningful service.” – Ernest D. Chu in Soul Currency


Whoomp, there it is! I got chills when I read that last week, thinking about times in my life when that restlessness {Restless Soul Syndrome, I’ll call it} gnawed at me until I answered the call and allowed my SELF to grow. Heck, my post this week about finding my tribe is a perfect example; I knew deep down the ladies at Bunco Night and the executives at my leadership meetings were not my peeps; I was uncomfortable and restless during every gathering. I tried to stuff it down, tell myself it was all in my head. But it was in my soul – and you can’t fight that forever.


When I don’t take a hint, the growth I need is thrust upon me. Looking back, I definitely had Restless Soul Syndrome before big and unforeseen changes in my life. Losing jobs. Losing loved ones. Losing my grip. For several months before my radio show got canceled last year, I felt incredibly and inexplicably restless. Planning each show felt harder than before. Hosting each show felt less fulfilling. But I loved my co-hosts and I loved the subject matter, so I just plowed forward – until our boss walked into the studio and announced the show had been canceled. I didn’t see it coming…and yet I totally did.


So, how do you cure Restless Soul Syndrome? With truth. Real, gritty, leap of faith, big picture, look-yourself-in-the-eyes kind of truth that challenges who you are and what you’re about and where you’re going next. The truth will set you free…and allow you to finally get some rest.


Need some help “treating” your Restless Soul Syndrome? Here are some great resources:

Michele Stimpson, LifeShine Coaching – She’s a dynamo coach who can rock your world over the phone.

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron’s book and programs have transformed so many lives, helping to unleash creativity and purpose.

Vision Boards – Christine Kane just updated her awesome resource on uncovering and attracting what you really need and want into your life {look up Vision Boards on Google and she’s #1}.

Book a Firecracker Call – Learn about my individual intuitive readings designed to help you clarify your path.