Real Love Never Ends: A Poem for Grieving Hearts (Free Printable)

Real Love Never Ends - A Poem for Grieving Hearts; click for printable version of the poem

Yesterday, I posted this on my Facebook page and the words, which found their way to and through me over a year ago, have struck a chord with many.

So, I’m making this available as a free printable (just click on the image and save or print). Feel free to share it with someone you know whose heart is hurting, either using the social media buttons below or by printing it out.

Our loved ones who are no longer here physically really are still with us emotionally and spiritually. When the signs they send and help they give is noticed, they delight in it! So don’t think of yourself as silly or crazy for sensing your own link to the heavens above. It’s true: real love never ends. 

Beauty in the Chaos: Free Printable for Every Mama

Beauty in the Chaos - Free Printable for Mamas

If this resonates with you, I’d love for you to have it.

I created this as a free gift for participants of a parenting telesummit I was going to be interviewed for today. But as I read the fine print of the contract last night, I saw that the organizer only wanted to feature experts with a certain number of newsletter subscribers. Mine was 3,000 people short of the minimum requirement, so I’m out. Welcome to the fun side of online marketing!

We were going to be talking about finding beauty in the chaos of parenthood. The messes, the stresses, the way most days feel like a circus. And then, something happens – a sloppy kiss from your littlest, an act of kindness from your oldest, a moment of quiet or laughter or heart-melting – and there it is: beauty in the chaos.

So, that’s what I was thinking about when I wrote this. Since I can’t share it with the original intended audience, I figured maybe it’s really meant for you.

To download a hi-res version of this 5×5 printable click here: Beauty in the Chaos: Free Printable for Every Mama. I hope that for somebody out there, it’s just what you need today.