Where are the angels when tragedy strikes?

where are the angels when tragedy strikes - liv lane

On Monday, participants in my Project Light Year class received a long email from me about the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. In that ecourse, we’re exploring sacred signs and divine intervention all year together. I know it may seem like neither were present in the middle of the night at Pulse nightclub on Sunday. If there are angels, you might ask, where are they when tragedy strikes? 

After reading that class email, a bunch of students said it was so helpful, they wished I’d share some of it with a larger audience. So I gave that some thought and decided to share some of it here, in hopes it provides some healing perspective for you, as well.

I suspect some of you are feeling this event deep in your bones, walking around with an aching heart because you feel so helpless or empathically feeling the dark energy associated with a tragedy such as this. But when this kind of thing happens, we have a choice to curl up and give in or to be a light in the dark. To do this, to choose the light, there are some things we must understand.

As hard as it is to comprehend, it’s important to remember that death is not an ending but a moving on to MORE life, to amplified joy, to clear purpose. While we often struggle to hear the calls of our soul here on Earth, all confusion and distraction evaporates when we transition back into the non-physical. We remember why we agreed to our earthly journey in the first place and we understand the timing and circumstances of our departure.

The angels remind me that no one transitions “too soon,” even in the case of an unexpected, hate-filled crime like the one that occurred this past weekend. Though none of us know the specifics of how we’ll be eventually called back into the light of the Great Beyond – be it disease or old age or accidents or violence – our souls agree, before entering the earth plane, to use our lives for the highest good. We know this will likely involve challenges and that there may be suffering, but we agree to go anyway because we also know that our journey will end with a glorious transition back to Self – on a timetable lovingly and purposefully orchestrated by the universe. Even if that is sooner than the “life expectancy” determined by the culture we’re born into.

For those of us left behind, watching the news and shaking our heads, this is hard to accept. Why can’t we all just live to be old and die peacefully in our sleep? As horrifying as it is to see young, innocent people die at the hands of another, the angels ask us to remember that those souls are being supremely cared for and that no life ends in vain. When a group or community of people transition together, the angels say they often have previously made some kind of soul pact around the implications of their deaths. That is to say that although they don’t know how they’ll transition, the impact of their deaths and the circumstances surrounding it will be highly visible, deeply felt and powerfully transformative for many left behind.

No one in their right mind would agree to “going out” in this fashion, we may argue. And that’s true; this is not a choice made by the mind, but by the soul that is unwavering in its mission to add more light and love to the world, even if that requires an abrupt ending.

So many intuitives, including myself, have heard the same thing from the souls of 9/11 victims: while we were mourning here in the weeks and months after that tragedy, there was a hopeful and celebratory atmosphere on the Other Side as souls transitioned, ready to further their missions together by inspiring healing, change, innovation and compassion from Beyond. I have no doubt the same thing is happening now, as 49 brave souls unite with great hope and big plans for inspiring goodness to come from their deaths. They will do their part to influence and inspire from the Great Beyond – and we are called to do the same, with angels all around.

This latest tragedy is awful on so many levels, but that also means it holds opportunities for growth and change on so many levels, too. Rather than spiral down, we are asked to show up and use our lives to create more light. The key is to act where you feel most moved. What about this tragedy hits you hardest? Where do you feel particularly sensitive? What do you see must change to prevent such hatred in the future?

Rather than feel paralyzed by the many layers of change required, notice what your heart feels pulled to do in the name of LOVE, from praying for victims’ families to compassionately supporting the LGBT community to influencing political leaders to helping a friend get the mental health intervention he or she needs. Some will be inspired to create ripples in their own circle of friends and families, others will be moved to create tidal waves we all hear about. Know this: it all matters. Hate holds no power over love and we are here to prove it.

a crash course with the angels (the day they saved our lives)

a crash course with the angels

I am so glad to be alive. Two weeks ago, the universe had a chance to pluck me and my little guy right off this spinning planet. But instead, we got a crash course in divine intervention. Thank God.

Two Fridays ago, I was on the phone with a friend who’s been slow-dancing with the shadows of trauma and depression. I shared some stories with her that I haven’t talked about in ages. The ones from 11 years ago, following the traumatic birth of my first son, when I was stuck in the tight grip of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Back then, the littlest things could trigger vivid visions of my child dying in every gruesome way possible – “like a terrible car crash,” I told my friend. I would try to shake them off, think of something happy…but those visions insisted on playing out from start to finish in my mind. It took a long time – and lots of good help – to win the battle with my wounded mind, to realize the visions weren’t real or threatening, and to understand I had a choice: to give in to the dark shadows in my head or fully trust that the light of God was at work in my life. That healing shift, I told her, literally saved my life.

what do little white feathers symbolize?While my friend and I talked on the phone, Tru was downstairs playing with his five-year-old buddy. The doorbell rang; it was the boy’s mom, arriving to take him home. As the little boy walked to our door to put his shoes on, he stopped and said, “Here, this is for you.” In his small hands, he held a tiny white feather. A TINY WHITE FEATHER! I don’t know where it came from or why he felt like I should have it (instead of his own mama!?), but I received it with a full heart.

White feathers are a sign I’ve encouraged so many of my ecourse students to watch for as evidence angels are around. You would not believe how many white feathers they find once they tap into that awareness! It is awesome. When this little boy handed that feather to me, I felt the power of the timing…of receiving it just after sharing on the phone how protected and safe I now feel. It felt so special, in fact, I took a picture.

It was probably an hour later when the angels swooped in to save our lives.

Tru and I went to our favorite nursery to pick out spring flowers. He asked to go outside and all the way to the back – to a shady area full of hosta plants. It was quiet and peaceful there, with no other customers around. And that’s when it happened.

We both heard a loud boom. I looked up to see a car zooming straight for us; I don’t know where it came from, but it had already hit something (thus the loud boom) and there was no time to move – or even to think of moving. I felt like I was outside of my body for a moment, watching myself watching that car speed toward us. Why was there even a car in the nursery!? It was just like my old PTSD visions, only this time it was real. And then I felt it: a shift in energy, a slowing down of time, a force unseen altering the moment. The out-of-control car would have taken mere seconds to plow into us, but instead it hit a water tank and then the staircase on the side of a nearby garage, tipping on its side just enough to somehow stop abruptly. We stood there in silent shock, until I realized we were okay.

HOLY SHIT. WE WERE OKAY. I felt myself breathe again. 

I ran to the car (it was much closer than it looks in the picture), and found the driver inside holding her head in confusion – but without a scratch on her. Tru startedCaution: #Angel Crossing screaming with worry for me, so I went back to him as staff members ran up to help the driver. Tru and I walked around in a daze after that; he kept saying, “that was a bad accident…” and I would follow it up – in amazement – with, “…and everyone’s okay.” 

The vision of that day has yet to leave my mind. It comes to me almost daily, asking me to re-live it, inviting me to be amazed by it. It is the opposite of my old visions, which left me riddled with fear. This one has no shadows; it’s a miracle in motion and leaves me feeling eternally grateful and cared for.

I don’t believe any of it is a coincidence – the telling of my shadow stories followed by the gift of that feather, followed by the divine roadblocks that kept us safe from that speeding car. And the opportunity to share it all with you is just another step in the divine order of things, I believe. Because if I tell you, and you tell others, somebody along the way is going to feel moved to make more space in her life for angels, for divinity, for magic. There are miracles happening every day. Pass it on…


to the naysayers: making a living by living my truth? priceless.

Money serves my highest good. | Art by Lori Portka, post by Liv Lane

Last week, my friend Lori Portka got mugged – social media mugged. The online trolls didn’t steal her money, but they tried to take away her confidence in it, her love of it, her respect for it.

She had shared one of her paintings on Facebook – the gorgeous one above that says “Money serves my highest good.” Lots of us “liked” it and shared it. But on one page, a heated argument erupted over the painting’s sentiment. Lori was tagged in the conversation, clicked the link and was heartbroken to find people angrily calling her greedy, smug, and misguided.

Anyone who knows Lori or her artwork knows this is a woman who celebrates abundance in all its forms – love, community, creativity, nature, intuition, inspiration. She channels everyday beauty and her God-given gifts into art that soothes souls. And yes, she also honors the energetic flow of money, aware that it gives her the freedom to do her best work, serving the highest good.

Voice trembling and confidence wavering, Lori called after it happened, in part because she knew I’d stood in her shoes only days before. After I shared details about my upcoming Into the Light sessions, I received so much glorious support. But a couple of emails from naysayers got my heart racing. They wondered why I would charge for sharing messages from Spirit: “Should you really make money from something so sacred?” 

It shook me for a minute, it did. But I got still, listened to my heart, re-read the messages from Spirit and found my yes. I know the questions came not to break me down, but as an invitation from the universe to stay grounded in my truth.

Life I Love print by Lori Portka

Life I Love by Lori Portka

Shouldn’t we place the highest value on those moments when divine intervention allows us to do our best work in the world?

I would never think of not paying the poet who says his words just come to him, or the doctor whose intuition leads me to a new opportunity for healing, or the photographer whose innate gift allows me to see the world in a new light, or the pastor who prays for inspiration as she prepares next Sunday’s sermon.

I believe, more than ever, we all come here with innate gifts and hearts wired for deeper connection with the universe that created us. When we listen to that voice within and use the gifts that bring us joy, there is nothing more worthwhile.

And I believe there’s enough of us doing that and supporting that to sustain a kindness economy – where money serves the highest good, where we put stock into what matters most, where sacred and healing work is considered golden, where inspired hearts don’t have to go broke or feel broken.

I believe in the power of creating community and cultivating abundance by helping the divine shine through each of us in its own way, supporting one another with our love, our praise, our trust, our money. There is plenty to go around, for goodness sake.