Where are the angels when tragedy strikes?

where are the angels when tragedy strikes - liv lane

On Monday, participants in my Project Light Year class received a long email from me about the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. In that ecourse, we’re exploring sacred signs and divine intervention all year together. I know it may seem like neither were present in the middle of the night at Pulse nightclub on Sunday. If there are angels, you might ask, where are they when tragedy strikes? 

After reading that class email, a bunch of students said it was so helpful, they wished I’d share some of it with a larger audience. So I gave that some thought and decided to share some of it here, in hopes it provides some healing perspective for you, as well.

I suspect some of you are feeling this event deep in your bones, walking around with an aching heart because you feel so helpless or empathically feeling the dark energy associated with a tragedy such as this. But when this kind of thing happens, we have a choice to curl up and give in or to be a light in the dark. To do this, to choose the light, there are some things we must understand.

As hard as it is to comprehend, it’s important to remember that death is not an ending but a moving on to MORE life, to amplified joy, to clear purpose. While we often struggle to hear the calls of our soul here on Earth, all confusion and distraction evaporates when we transition back into the non-physical. We remember why we agreed to our earthly journey in the first place and we understand the timing and circumstances of our departure.

The angels remind me that no one transitions “too soon,” even in the case of an unexpected, hate-filled crime like the one that occurred this past weekend. Though none of us know the specifics of how we’ll be eventually called back into the light of the Great Beyond – be it disease or old age or accidents or violence – our souls agree, before entering the earth plane, to use our lives for the highest good. We know this will likely involve challenges and that there may be suffering, but we agree to go anyway because we also know that our journey will end with a glorious transition back to Self – on a timetable lovingly and purposefully orchestrated by the universe. Even if that is sooner than the “life expectancy” determined by the culture we’re born into.

For those of us left behind, watching the news and shaking our heads, this is hard to accept. Why can’t we all just live to be old and die peacefully in our sleep? As horrifying as it is to see young, innocent people die at the hands of another, the angels ask us to remember that those souls are being supremely cared for and that no life ends in vain. When a group or community of people transition together, the angels say they often have previously made some kind of soul pact around the implications of their deaths. That is to say that although they don’t know how they’ll transition, the impact of their deaths and the circumstances surrounding it will be highly visible, deeply felt and powerfully transformative for many left behind.

No one in their right mind would agree to “going out” in this fashion, we may argue. And that’s true; this is not a choice made by the mind, but by the soul that is unwavering in its mission to add more light and love to the world, even if that requires an abrupt ending.

So many intuitives, including myself, have heard the same thing from the souls of 9/11 victims: while we were mourning here in the weeks and months after that tragedy, there was a hopeful and celebratory atmosphere on the Other Side as souls transitioned, ready to further their missions together by inspiring healing, change, innovation and compassion from Beyond. I have no doubt the same thing is happening now, as 49 brave souls unite with great hope and big plans for inspiring goodness to come from their deaths. They will do their part to influence and inspire from the Great Beyond – and we are called to do the same, with angels all around.

This latest tragedy is awful on so many levels, but that also means it holds opportunities for growth and change on so many levels, too. Rather than spiral down, we are asked to show up and use our lives to create more light. The key is to act where you feel most moved. What about this tragedy hits you hardest? Where do you feel particularly sensitive? What do you see must change to prevent such hatred in the future?

Rather than feel paralyzed by the many layers of change required, notice what your heart feels pulled to do in the name of LOVE, from praying for victims’ families to compassionately supporting the LGBT community to influencing political leaders to helping a friend get the mental health intervention he or she needs. Some will be inspired to create ripples in their own circle of friends and families, others will be moved to create tidal waves we all hear about. Know this: it all matters. Hate holds no power over love and we are here to prove it.

i can’t believe this is happening! (dreams. do. come. true.)

Red typewriter. (LOVE) Book announcement from Liv Lane and Lori Portka

Exactly one year ago, I got brave and shared a dream of mine here: I felt ready to write a book. I didn’t have a timeline, nor a story or theme I was desperate to write about. I could just feel the book making its way to me, and I knew giving voice to that dream would pull it closer. And then, quite honestly, I forgot about it. Lots of other things took priority, from work stuff to family stuff, and I put that dream on hold.

But the universe didn’t. With a million little twists of fate, it made that dream come true at the speed of light. And now, I am over-the-moon excited to tell you that my soul-sister-friend Lori Portka and I are writing a book together. WHAT!?

Many of you know that last fall, our worlds turned upside down and inside out when Spirit – the circle of ascended wise ones on the Other Side whom I work with during my intuitive readings – swooped in and teamed us up. Lori had just texted me, feeling deflated because a publisher she was working with on a big project had just rejected eight of her paintings. As soon as I saw her text, it felt like a lightning bolt jolted through me and I heard the voice of Spirit saying those paintings were for us, for a new project called Infinite Purpose. They provided detailed instructions for leading an eight-week online program featuring Lori’s artwork and Spirit’s words (transcribed by me).

To be honest, we both thought it sounded kinda crazy. But it also felt so big and powerful, we couldn’t say no. Lori and I were shocked when 250 people signed up, fast as lightning, eager to step deeper into their callings. And as we sent out a new message from Spirit and the corresponding painting to participants each week, we were blown away by the magic that transpired in their lives and ours.

Seriously blown away.   

Not long after that program ended, Spirit appeared again with a new vision. Those teachings were to become a book, they said – with personal stories, room for reflection and more gorgeous art. All of the pieces fell into place within days and we found ourselves giddy with excitement, toasting over Skype, as we signed contracts to birth this book into the world.

We have spent the last couple of months totally immersed in making INFINITE PURPOSE: Care Instructions for Your True Calling a total treasure for you – a gorgeous, full-color, hardcover gift book/guide book/journal/life changer. Because it will be so different than anything on the market, and because we know it’s meant to be birthed into the world lickety-split, we’re self-publishing this book with the awesome blossoms at Wise Ink. They are total pros and they’re keeping us on our toes in order to release this book on 11/11/15. Holy wow. 

There’s a lot more work to do. And we’ll need your help along the way. So, we’ll be sharing fun behind-the-scenes magic, plus inspiration from the book on our brand new Facebook page (Facebook.com/InfinitePurpose). We’d be so grateful if you’d “like” the page and become part of this wild and wonderful journey with us!

the moment before your life changes (it’s here)

rocks of lake superior

I’m announcing something big today with my dear friend Lori Portka. So exciting!! And it has me thinking about the moment in this photograph, a little over two years ago on the rocky shore of Lake Superior, when I knew my life was about to change. 

My intuitive abilities had been a closely-guarded secret most of my life, but the presence of spirits and angels had intensified ever since my dad’s death the previous fall. It was growing harder to keep everything I saw and heard under wraps. Within hours of arriving on the North Shore for a long weekend with dear artist friends, including Lori, they’d convinced me to do intuitive readings for each of them. One by one, each woman sat with me on the rocks and cried as angels, guides and loved ones on the Other Side came through. I could see healing happening before my eyes. And something clicked for me.

Though I’d done under-the-radar readings before, this was the first time I really understood their power – and that I’d been given those abilities for a reason. For years, I’d been inspired by the words Oprah Winfrey had once said were her daily prayer: “Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself. Use me until you use me up.

It’s what I wanted too – for the powers that be to use me up, to use my life.  But did it have to be so unconventional!? I was terrified – of being ridiculed and rejected, of not being good enough at it, and not knowing how to move forward. So, I went out on the rocks alone to talk to God. “Okay, I get it,” I said to the unending horizon. “You’re using me. I’m grateful. I’m also scared. So, if I’m going to do this, I need instructions. Please, pretty please, show me how and when and where to use what you’ve given me.”  

Inifinite Purpose class with Liv Lane and Lori PortkaLooking back, I can see that’s exactly what I’ve been given (so grateful!): a clear path to follow and dear ones to help squelch my fears. It’s been a heart-bursting journey, and I’m buzzing with excitement for what comes next: an inspired program for purpose-seekers and meaning-makers: Infinite Purpose: 8 Weeks of Conscious Creation.

Spirit has provided detailed instructions for this event, right down to announcing it TODAY – (yep, on a Saturday) and, to my total delight, co-leading it with Lori. Squeeeeal! We begin November 8th and you’ll find all the delicious details on how it came to be and what it entails over here.

That moment before your life changes? It’s here, friends. 

how to get unstuck (my favorite solution!)

you are all sorts of awesome. (a post on how to get unstuck)

The next time you feel stuck, I hope you think of me. Because I’ve got a trick up my sleeve that could catapult you out of the muck and into your next big thing. Ready for it?

Write down the best compliment you could ever receive.

That’s right. Look at the project or challenge in front of you, and imagine precisely what someone who’s awe-inspired by your efforts might say to you. Don’t settle for envisioning broad and bland praise – like “I really like your blog” or “I love the way you decorated this room” or even “I’m impressed by how you handled that situation.” 

I’m talking about a compliment that rings so true it could move you to tears.

So many women on a mission to light up the world say they just want to inspire people. But when I ask them what they want to inspire others to do or be or feel, they often stammer. Why? Because they haven’t peeled away the layers to get crystal clear on what kind of light they want to create.

You don’t even need to know how you’re going to do it. When someone utters your ideal compliment – the one that makes you buzz from head to toe – it means that you will have served them/helped them/inspired them in a powerful way that is aligned with your innate purpose. So let the vision of that perfect compliment serve as a guidepost; a litmus test for each step you take. Consider what you’d need to do to attract a glowing compliment like that.

I can’t tell you how many times I have used this tactic at the start of something new – and been amazed (and choked up!), down the road, when someone expressed the very sentiment that had been my lighthouse from the beginning. It’s incredibly powerful. So say the words you want to hear, and let them lead the way.

when following my heart feels hard

life gives us speed bumps #keepgoing

This spring, it seems I’ve been hitting every speed bump and pothole possible in my path. Big decisions, hard conversations, and a neverending toothache the dentist can’t figure out. It’s all made for a bumpy ride and slowed me down. So it seems pretty perfect that I came across the poem below, which I wrote in early 2011.

Actually, I know it found me to deliver this reminder: Sometimes I forget that each rest stop, detour or distraction is part of the master plan. 

Oh, right! The starts and stops are not there to destroy my path, but to get me where I need to be with greater clarity, relief and gratitude. It’s like surviving another Minnesota winter; when the snow FINALLY clears and our breath stops appearing in front of us, we are so happy that we all-out rejoice. We feel like freaking gladiators, victorious after battling the deep freeze. Every orange-breasted robin, every blade of green grass, every chance to walk outside without bundling up feels like a little miracle.

That’s how it feels coming out of a deep freeze phase of my life. I feel victorious – stronger, wiser, grateful. I see purpose in the pain. My wings feel sturdier. That’s why this old poem found me; to help me ease my tension around the hard stuff by recognizing that it’s there to lead me to the good stuff. I love when a message from my old self finds its way to my current self in order to help me move toward my future self. Here’s hoping you’ll find something in it for your self, too…

how i follow my heart

if you’re a multi-passionate, today’s a BIG deal

Rumi quote: Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.  (Shared in celebration of the Multi-Passionate Must Haves Sale...click for details)

(photo by carissa paige)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since I left my corporate life behind in pursuit of the dreams tugging at my heartstrings. I remember feeling like I had infinite possibilities before me, which gave me great energy…and major heart palpitations. I remember waking up the morning after I left and not knowing where in the world to begin. There were so many things I wanted to try, so many passions to flesh out, it was hard to know where and how to begin.

Complicating matters, I was hungry to learn from people who had been in my shoes – but my budget couldn’t handle the hundreds or thousands of dollars many online programs cost. I recall that when one super-successful entrepreneur held a pay-what-you-can day for her ebooks, it felt like a little miracle. Finally, I could afford some expert advice!

That’s multi-passionate must-havesone of the reasons I’m soooo psyched to be part of the Multi-Passionates Must-Haves Sale today through midnight Thursday. You can snatch up 30 ebooks, ecourses and resources worth over $2,000 for – get this – $97. Such an amazing deal for anyone who’s figuring out how to build or expand the ways they profit from their passions. For instance, one of the 30 available programs is my 300+ page ebook, How to Build a Blog You Truly Love, which normally costs $49. But now through Thursday at midnight, you can get that PLUS 29 other programs for just a little bit more money. See what I mean!? Ahhhhhmazing!

And the other part of this sale that I love? We get to band together to help really great causes. Yep, over 20% of your purchase will celebrate these charities:

  • First, $10 from every single purchase will support Michelle Ward’s team for the Avon 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk in NY. Michelle, who co-organized this event, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011 and declared cancer-free in June 2012. This will be the 3rd year she’ll be walking 39.3 miles with Avon over 2 days with her mother and bestest friends. 
  • Second, if you use my links to the sale, I’ll donate another $10 from your purchase to Courageous HeARTS, a Minnesota nonprofit started by brave heart Lindsay Walz that aims to help heal and empower youth through expressive arts, community building and leadership training.

So. Whether you’re figuring out or living out your passions, and looking for a way to learn about everything from Facebook marketing to how to say NO, be sure to check out the Multi-Passionates Must Haves sale before midnight on Thursday. I wish I’d had all of this at my fingertips seven years ago – and hope it gives you great fodder to help make your dreams come true!

i’m super sorry if i bug you.

Hope you don’t mind me tooting my own horn, but I’m growing something pretty wonderful over here.

On Monday, I’m kicking off my BuzzWorthy ecourse for creative spirits – and it’s shaping up to be awesome. I’ve actually {ironically} kept the buzz for it to a minimum because I wanted to keep the class small-ish for this first run, and full of  artists, healers and other soulful entrepreneurs who feel really ready to move into this potentially uncomfortable space of self-promotion. I know it’s kinda scary. I know it’s kinda overwhelming. That’s why I’m so excited for the hand-holding, dream-catching and purposeful buzz-making that’s going to occur over the next six weeks.

I’m doing one big promotional push today, offering $24 off for 24 hours {just input the coupon code 24HR}. So…I’m mentioning it all over the place – in social media, my newsletter, on this blog. I apologize if you’re swimming in all those spaces and see the message over and over. But, to tell you the truth, I feel really good about it. See, I know how it feels to promote something that doesn’t light me up or feel like an authentic extension of me. It sucks. It knots you up. You hit the “post” button on Facebook and Twitter with one hand over your eyes. Yuck.

But when you cross that hurdle of knowing what you do serves others and taps into your own passions and purpose, it becomes so much easier to tell the world  and to do it in ways that mirror who you are and lovingly invites others into your space. I’m excited to show participants how to do that – and I’m already feeling filled up by the excitement brewing among them, with notes like this:

“The timing of this is nothing short of magical.”

And this one:

“I just looked at your list of contributors…a powerful constellation. Wow.”

Or this bit of love:

“I am so excited for this, I can hardly stand it. It’s exactly what I need to help me get more customers and more press.”

I would love to have you join us – or share today’s sale with artists, healers, writers and others in your circle who deserve to be seen and heard and loved by the world. Just send them to BuzzWorthyBiz.com. Thank you from the bottom of my buzzing heart.

The Meaning of Life

Seeing you in all your glory reminds me that everything in the whole wide world is absolutely perfect. Nothing out of place, no detail too small.

I think about all that it took for you to get to this place, in full bloom, basking in the light, breathtaking with your quiet presence. You were born underground, a seedling in the cold, dark dirt. You had no choice but to accept your roots in order to grow up and out. And that you did. Once you were ready, once you knew deep down it was your turn to come alive, you pushed your way through the darkness, up into the light of day. And wasn’t that amazing!? Oh. My. God. You came up for air after a lifetime in the dirt, gasping and sputtering, then slowly relaxing into being, into knowing all you needed to sustain you was right there.

You were just a bud then, wobbling in the wind; the new kid in an age-old garden. You listened to the wise ones; the perennials who’d been-there-done-that but knew they still hadn’t seen it all. You stood your ground on stormy nights and chilly mornings. You encouraged the buds coming up behind you, telling them to hang on, to be brave, to be beautiful together.

And then, one day, you found the courage to open up more than you ever had before. To bless and then ignore the weeds trying to pull you down. You realized standing in your own light doesn’t require you to overshadow anybody else. You chose to reveal all of yourself. And look at you now: every morsel of your being in bloom, doing what you came here to do, feeling what you came here to feel, growing with grace, and radiating joy. This is…you are…the meaning of life.


On Purpose

I love this quote so much I want to marry it. It’s so true: unshakable joy + serving others = real purpose. True in life…true in work…even true in blogging.

Participants in my blogging ecourse are often surprised that we go so deep, so fast – digging into discovering the true purpose of their blogs. But I really believe this is the most important piece of creating and maintaining a blog that feels rewarding and fulfilling.

Think about your favorite blogs. I’m willing to bet you can tell the writers enjoy what they do and that their posts consistently offer you a great takeaway: maybe you find yourself laughing, expanding your mind, learning of new resources or feeling inspired.  That doesn’t happen by chance; it happens on purpose.

It is seriously such an honor for me to watch my ecourse participants uncovering their true passions and purpose. With the next round of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love set to start next week {woot!!}, many graduates have been writing blog posts about the ways this course helped them change course. Each one chokes me up because I feel so grateful to be part of their journeys and to witness them shining bright. I thought it would be fun to share a handful of them here. Hope you’ll check ’em out and show these brave bloggers some love…

Kirsten Tulsian of PurpoSoul didn’t even have a blog when she started the course, and now she’s flying across the blogosphere on a unicorn! She writes, “Not only did I learn about building a blog, but I also completely transformed into a person who knew I could do anything that I set my mind to.” AWESOME!

Naomi Wittlin of Poetic Aperture has done fantastic work on clarifying her blog’s purpose and presentation. Of the course, she says, “I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Jess Morrow of Invincible Summer recently wrote a post called Seven Reasons You Should Consider Blogging, filled with great advice for bloggers-to-be. In it, she writes that the course “truly helped me to hone in on my message and to work out so many of the nuts and bolts of blogging.” Yay!

Christina Berry of Chrissy Inspired de-cluttered and really focused on defining her passions during our course. So great! She writes, “If you want to take your blog to the next level, this course is a ‘must-do.’” {Blushing!!}

Jen Zimmerman of Unfolding Page has been blogging for a while, but lacked focus and commitment. She found both this year – hooray! She seemed to really enjoy our class, but I especially loved reading this: “The blissful bonus of the class is the connections I’ve made with so many fabulous women! I am absolutely tickled to be part of this creative community.”

Thank you so much, ladies, for the kind words and for taking this course to heart! For those who think purposeful, passion-filled blogging sounds like a blast, join us starting Monday! You’ll be part of a community of bloggers-to-be and bloggers-in-bloom signing in from eight countries {at last count!}. I can’t wait!

All Lit Up: My Super Hero Name

Yesterday, famously fierce coach/author/blogger Danielle LaPorte asked her peeps this burning question: “What’s Your Super Hero Name?” Hers is Agent Now – because she’s always “seeing into the now so deep that I can see the past and the future.” Right on.

As soon as I read her question, my superhero name came to me like a flash of light. Quite appropriate, actually, once you see who I am.

I’ve thought of myself as a superhero before; in fact, my “creative superpowers” take center stage in my bio. But I’d never given myself a superhero name. Perhaps it was there all along, invisible to the human eye and burning to be known. 


So, are you ready for it? Here goes. 

I am…The Illuminator.


With laser-like focus and heart-thumping intuition, I’m capable of seeing others’ sparks, even before they do. I’ll catch your dreams with my bare hands, then shine a light on your path. My paint brushes are torches, burning truth into canvas so you walk away from my art positively glowing. I am your light in the dark, your candle in the wind – ready to help you emerge from the shadows, gleefully gobsmacked by all the gifts around you and within you. That’s right. I am…The Illuminator.  Clearly, I need a lightning bolt cape and glow-in-the-dark tights.


So, fellow superheroes, do tell…what shall I call you??