restless soul syndrome: finding the cure

are you suffering from restless soul syndrome? here's how to find a cure...

How many days this week have you woken up feeling anxious, fidgety, unsettled? How many nights this week have you laid in bed with your eyes wide open, even though you felt dog-tired? How many times this week did you feel wrapped up in joy? 

Two years ago, I wrote here about an all-too-common state of being I call restless soul syndrome. It remains one of the most frequently-read posts on the blog; women find their way to it every day, looking for any bit of relief from this perpetual state of unrest.

This is bad news.

Because it tells me restless soul syndrome is running rampant. Left untreated, it feeds off itself, spreading like a fungus and clogging the spiritual arteries to your heart. When a hot bath or good workout or great dessert doesn’t cure the unrest of your soul, it’s easy to beat yourself up and spiral down. And when it seems like everybody else has their act together – looking rested, happy, productive, focused – you not only start to resent the lucky jerks but use their joy as further evidence that you’re a big fat loser. Sound familiar?

In Soul Currency, Ernest D. Chu writes, “Any sense of restlessness is a sign your soul is ready to grow.” The problem, I hear so many women say, is figuring out where and what and how to grow. Actually, dear ones, the problem is assuming that there’s something to DO in order to embrace all you’re meant to BE.

Want to cure your restless soul syndrome?

you. are. light. Treat yourself to stillness every day, even if it feels scary at first. Put down the crossword puzzle. Turn off the computer. Close your eyes in the shower. Listen for light: instrumental music, the birds chirping outside, children giggling, wind in the trees. Imagine yourself standing in a beam of loving, brilliant light that has the power to heal what feels broken, calm your racing heart, ease your fears, melt away guilt. Feel the light moving from head to toe, warm and soothing, relaxing and renewing.

Every moment of stillness is soul balm; providing space for your light to expand, gently awakening your sense of worth, boldly inviting guidance to come (in nudges, in whispers, in synchronicity, in signs), quietly leading you to people and places and opportunities that allow for greater joy, for deeper understanding.

We move into March tomorrow; use this month to make stillness a habit (some of you will be starting this practice, others will be deepening it). Just as you would not take a vitamin one day and consider your body fully fortified, serenity will likely remain a stranger without regular doses of self-prescribed stillness.

All that anxiousness, all those worries, all that emptiness is actually your soul’s way of letting you know it’s time to grow. Your restless soul is calling you into the light – how great! And all you have to do is be.

here’s who i’m spending 2014 with (squeal!!!)

Christmas star ornament

Merry-making is at full tilt around here. Our boys are so excited – love watching them delight in the magic of it all! But gosh, isn’t it shocking to realize 2013 is almost over?

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s because I intentionally review my year and plan ahead for the next one. It’s so powerful. I’m already buzzing with excitement for 2014 because, for the first time, I’m leading a YEAR-LONG program designed to help brave hearts like you soulfully create your brightest year yet – and be in community with each other, exploring and sharing and adding light to your lives. Project Light Year is going to be amazing.

Project Light Year with Liv Lane and 8 "dream team" contributorsAnd today, my heart is so incredibly full as I get to introduce you to 8 amazing contributors; a virtual dream team of teachers and visionaries, intuitively and artfully helping women create their best lives. And they can teach it because they have lived it; every single one of these women has transformed her life to do what she loves, to grow from grief and hardship, to live with great purpose. Ready to meet them? Drum roll, please…

Lori Portka: Lori is pure light; she is a brilliant artist whose vibrant paintings honor the beauty of life, cultivating “happiness through art.” Her inspiring work around the art of gratitude will play a huge role in Project Light Year; if you don’t know her yet, you will fall in love with her pronto. Promise.

Susannah Conway:  Susannah is an awesome photographer and author who’s led thousands of women around the world through her soulful online classes, dedicated to leveraging creativity and self-reflection for deep healing. Totally pinching myself over her being here.

Leigh Hopkins: After two decades of working in public education reform, Leigh realized her amazing intuitive gifts could be leveraged for another kind of reform: helping women achieve a greater sense of well-being and connection to their intuitive wisdom. As founder and director of Viva Institute, Leigh is a beacon of light for so many; can’t wait for her to help participants step deeper into their inner knowing!

Kelly Rae Roberts: If you’ve stepped into a gift shop in the last several years, chances are you’ve seen Kelly Rae’s life-affirming work, given that she’s one of the most successful licensed artists on the planet. She’s a girl with a deep, giving soul; her art shows it…but I also know it. Her being here is such a gift.

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei: If it weren’t for Laurel, Project Light Year might not even exist! During an intuitive reading with her, I received guidance to bring this idea back to life – the one I’d sketched out but put on hold. I was instantly energized to finish what I’d started – and I knew Laurel had to be part of it. The messages she receives and shares from angels and spirits are beautiful (no wonder over 60,000 people have followed her on Facebook!).

Rachel Awes: Rachel is like a walking rainbow. A gifted psychologist and soulful artist, her work lifts up people from their most vulnerable places and illuminates goodness in all of our journeys. Her words are like silk on your skin and her joy is contagious. Can’t wait for the ways in which she’ll color our year together!

Michelle Stimpson: Michelle is a one-of-a-kind life coach, guiding women through positive change for over a decade with tremendous success. I’ve never met someone with more integrity and with such passion for living life to the fullest. And the ways she manifests magic in her life is so awe-inspiring; prepare to be wowed!

Carissa Paige: I have maintained for years that Carissa is a real-life fairy, feathers and glitter tucked in her knapsack along with her paintbrushes. The way her intuition and dream life lead her through art-making and storytelling mesmerizes me, and her courageous heart inspires me. So thrilled she’ll be sprinkling her fairy dust on all of us throughout 2014!

See what I mean?? Total dream team. If you’re ready to join us for 12 months of magic-making, soul-deepening, intention-creating, spirit-guiding, purpose-finding content and connection, then click here for Project Light Year. Can’t wait to shine bright with you, all year long.

this week is going to change my life

I have yet to live a day that wasn't graced by light. #intothelight

My life’s about to change. So many friends have said this. So many signs have pointed to this. Every time I close my eyes, I know this to be true.

Yep, this is a week that will change my life.

Into the Light begins on Wednesday. Eighteen days of receiving and delivering messages from Spirit – a bright-light swarm of beautiful, angelic souls that first approached me in October, asking that I leverage my ability to communicate with the Other Side to help them connect with those who are ready and willing to hear their messages. Typing that out still feels a a little unbelievable to me, like I’m writing an episode of the Twilight Zone. But I know with every fiber of my being that this. is. real.

Still, I’ve been feeling a little nervous – hoping all will go smoothly, praying that everyone who’s signed up will feel blessed by the messages, thinking (too much) about my schedule each day of the series. I noticed myself getting a little worked up last night, so I decided to distract myself by watching a TV show I’d recorded earlier in the evening. I almost never watch CNN, but heard via Facebook about an Anderson Cooper special featuring people who have physically died and come back to life. I love hearing others’ accounts of the Other Side, so I grabbed the remote and hit “record.”

When I turned it on late last night, I was surprised to see that the reporter wasn’t Anderson Cooper but Randi Kaye – a blast from my past. In the mid ’90s, we were both reporting on the same news story in Florida; I was just a pup back then, in my first real radio job and on my first solo assignment trip. I was so nervous, wanting to do everything right, praying I’d get everything correctly recorded and disseminated for my network. Randi and her producers, who were working for a Dallas morning TV show, took pity on me and let me hang with them.

So, last night, it felt like a bit of sweet serendipity to see Randi on the TV special I had turned on to calm me down, having just been nervously thinking about recording and disseminating a new kind of message. Nice move, universe.

The first person Randi interviewed was Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon who was trapped underwater with her kayak for 15-30 minutes while friends tried to rescue her, back in 1999. They finally pulled her out – bloated, blue, body broken and not breathing – until she inexplicably opened her eyes and lived to tell the story of her journey into the afterlife.

“I am my own greatest skeptic,” she told Randi. “I am quite sure that I would not believe my life story had I not personally lived each and every day of it.”

Bam! That right there was what I needed to hear. I’m not sure I’d believe my own story either, and fully trust my conversations with Spirit, had I not experienced it all for myself. That’s all I have to lean on, and that has to be enough. It amazes and humbles me that it’s enough for so many of you, too. That you feel called to be part of this journey with me, that you’re willing to trust the message and the messenger.

Into the Light: 18 Days of Divine ConnectionI can feel in my bones that Into the Light will be powerful. I’ve been in training for weeks now, in fact. Every time I close my eyes for meditation, I’m instantly transported into training sessions with my guides, angels, even my dad. They are helping me receive messages efficiently and in ways that don’t drain my physical energy.

And they’ve been showering me with positive signs. For instance, I notice 3:33 on the clock constantly these days. For years and years, “my time” has been 11:11. But lately, I’m floored how often I look up from what I’m doing and see 333 on a clock, on a gas station sign, on a license plate. It’s happened enough times that I decided to go look up what it means, according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 book. Wanna know the meaning?

“You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.” 

Holy wow. Somebody call CNN, ’cause this week is going to change my life. And maybe yours, too. I don’t know how, I just know it is. And that has to be enough.

Note: Please sign up by midnight central on 12/3 in order to receive all 18 messages in  your inbox and be part of our Facebook community. 

when others can’t handle your light

you are made of light, via

Want to know the hardest thing about deciding to let the real you shine through? Not everyone is prepared to handle your light.

Think of a time when you were in a dark room – maybe resting, maybe meditating, maybe just tiptoeing your way through – and someone flipped on the lights. Whoa! It was like an assault on your senses, right? You probably shielded your eyes, turned away, maybe even lashed out at the person responsible for all that unexpected, unwelcome light.

There are people in this world who live like that, day in and day out, walking through the dark. You know some of them, right? Every time you say something kind, share something enlightening, or encourage them a little they act as if you’ve just flipped on a big, bright light in the comfy dark room that is their life. They whine, they turn their backs, they shield their eyes.

A couple of years ago, I heard from a woman who loves to print out inspiring quotes and hand them out to her co-workers just to brighten their days. So sweet, right? Apparently, she handed out copies of an art poem I’d posted here. One of her co-workers – known for being particularly grouchy – read the words and grimaced, saying she didn’t like it or need it. Ouch.

The woman who had shared it felt disheartened and defeated…wondering why she had even bothered. But a few days later, she noticed the poem taped up inside her co-worker’s cubicle. She asked how it got there and her co-worker teared up, saying she realized she did like it after all and she knew she needed to see its motivating message every day. Apparently, it just took a little time for her eyes to adjust to the light.

You never know when what you do or say will illuminate possibility and hope for someone who needs it.

That said, please be careful, lightworkers. Spending lots of time with someone who doesn’t value your light can actually dim your light. You must recharge with other bright lights – family, friends and mentors who reflect and honor your inner sparks. You’ve got a light inside you that is so special, so divine, so needed in a world full of dark corners. So take good care of it – and let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

chasing the light: you know the feeling?

sunshine streaming through window

When I sauntered downstairs this morning, this sight stopped me in my tracks. I rubbed my eyes, shook my head, blinked slowly…just to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.

Was that…SUNSHINE?

I kid you not: I ran to the window and peered through the blinds like a weather detective hoping to catch a glimpse of blue sky before it disappeared into a dark alley. The ground was still wet from days and days of our bleary, dreary, chilly non-spring. But the grass was positively glimmering in the sun, beads of rain catching the light. Lovely, glorious, dazzling, mood-shifting, heart-happy light.

As I stood there, basking in the sunshine, I recognized that feeling: that swirl of relief, gratitude and longing for more. You know the one I’m talking about? It’s that moment when light finds you, surprises you, pulls you from the darkness. The first belly laugh in the shadow of deep grief. The first ray of hope from a doctor’s lips. The first paycheck after surviving without one. The moment the colicky baby stops crying.

Even as I type this, the clouds are rolling back in. But it’s okay. I needed this morning’s reminder that light always finds its way back to us – no matter how long or grave the storm. If you can’t see it today…hold on, love. It will be here soon. You’ll know it when you feel it.

Follow the Light

I am endlessly dazzled by light.

The way it dances across water, flickers through the trees, warms up any room, shines up the world. Last week in Chicago, I was on a bit of a scavenger hunt, watching for the magic of light throughout the city – in shadows, reflections, sparkles and glimmers. Wanna see what I found? Hope these pics inspire you to see all the light in your life, too…