Justin Bieber is an empath. Are you one, too?

Justin Bieber is an empath

Today, Justin Bieber announced that he’s canceling all future meet-and-greet sessions with fans because of how much they drain his energy, to the point of depression. While I’m sure some people are questioning or scoffing at this announcement, it all makes perfect sense to me: the reigning prince of pop is an EMPATH. It explains so much of the wild ride he’s been on these past couple of years.

People who are empathic are super sensitive to other people’s emotional energy. An empath can feel happy walking into a room full of people, but quickly begin to feel weighed down, sensing and absorbing each person’s emotional state like a sponge. It happens swifly and subtly, and can feel like you have multiple personalities, unsure which feelings belong to you and which ones belong to someone else.

That kind of confusion can easily cause anxiousness and depression, as Justin has experienced, and can drive empaths to find ways to “numb out” – drinking, doing drugs, overeating, acting out – so they don’t have to feel so much. I know there will be lots of disappointed fans and angry concert promoters, but I applaud Justin for recognizing his sensitivity to others’ “spiritual energy,” as he put it. He’s creating healthy boundaries for himself so that he has the energy to continue creating and performing.

If you suspect you’re an empath, too, figure out what you can and cannot handle and then take good care of yourself. Before Lori Portka​ and I took the stage at our Infinite Purpose​ book launch last fall, I could feel my energy rapidly draining as people filed into the theater. I wanted to greet everyone, but I simply couldn’t. I quickly headed upstairs to the green room and Lori and I did a grounding meditation with our peeps. It brought me back to center and allowed me to focus on my own emotions. Without that quiet reflection and distance from others, I would have taken the stage feeling shaky and unsettled. So while I don’t sing & dance for millions (and never will!), I can relate to Justin’s decision and hope it serves as an example to others. If you don’t protect and preserve your personal energy, you cannot show up in the world with purpose and clarity.

(For more about living as an empath, I highly recommend Dr. Judith Orloff​’s book, Emotional Freedom and Elaine Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Person)

A gift for you from the Other Side (a.k.a. I can’t believe I’m doing this)

Liv with pic of Nana

Yesterday, I got a visit from my Nana. And then she brought some of your loved ones over, too. It was a day, from start to finish, of appearances and sacred signs that made my heart absolutely race. And that’s really saying something, since I’m pretty used to engaging with the Great Beyond. Let me give you the highlights because there’s a gift in it all for you.

Nana passed away nearly a year and a half ago, but when she was alive, she knew I could see and hear spirits and angels. She assured me multiple times that she’d be popping in, sending signs, and whispering in my ear (i.e. bossing me around!) once she was in Heaven. We had some good laughs – and shed a few tears – about that future reality. But after her passing, I didn’t hear much from her – up until these past few weeks (maybe you saw my Christmas tree story, for instance). It’s like she was picking up steam, gaining the energy and know-how to get through to me in a major way.

A Vivid Dream

Several days ago, I started noticing “spirit chatter” swirling around me, like the faded din of a busy restaurant. I was too busy to get still and tune in, so the spirits found another way to get my attention (they’re sneaky like that!). On Monday night, Nana came to me in a dream – so vivid and real that I was surpised the next morning when I woke up in my bed! In the dream, as I shared on social media, Nana and I were with old friends and dear family, sitting next to each other, having a marvelous time. Everyone was laughing, loving, reminiscing. And then I realized I was the only one who could see her. They weren’t talking to her…they were talking ABOUT her. I couldn’t believe they were missing her being right there!

Don’t forget – you see and hear what others can’t, Nana reminded me. And then she asked that I use that gift to let more people know their loved ones are near…they’re sitting at the restaurant with them, riding in the carpool with them, dancing in the living room with them. Oh! Mission accomplished, I told her. I’ll be teaching that soon! But she already seemed very aware of my recent decision to devote the next year of my online class, Project Light Year, to helping participants deepen their awareness of and connection to spirits and angels.

There’s more to share than you think and more people to reach, Nana said – but I didn’t quite understand. She then demonstrated some of the amazing ways she’s learned to play with time and space – and then I woke up, surprised to be in my bed since I could have sworn I’d just been in a restaurant with Nana.

A Crowded Room

Our interaction had been incredibly vivid and stayed with me into my waking hours, which is how I know Nana was really with me. But I didn’t know how to address the things she’d requested and shown me, so I set them aside and went on with my day. Until, that is, she showed up again. Not in dream form, but standing in my bedroom when I walked in. And this time, she brought a roomful of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children and pets all in spirit form, to back her up. Whoa.

Nana is a social butterfly, so I’m not surprised that she’s already made countless friends over there! She asked me to please listen to them. One man who died in his 50s told me his family tends to doubt or miss the signs he leaves for them. A mother who passed in her 70s showed me “all the pretty birds” she’d like to send if only her daughter would open the window blinds. A yellow lab ran circles around a sleeping baby, proud to be watching over the new arrival. A little boy wanted his family to know – and laugh about – all the funny pranks he’s been playing on them. My heart was racing as they each chimed in about the loved ones they’d love to re-establish an connection with, in a new and wondrous way. “You can help show them we’re right here,” one man said, and my heart sank a bit.

“I don’t have a way to find them for you,” I told the roomful of spirits. “You’d have to bring them to me, nudge them to find the class.”

Nana stepped up then and said lovingly, “We have – but some people can’t afford it, Liv-er. And we need to reach them, too.” Nana always did love a bargain – almost as much as being overly kind to total strangers. So I started to negotiate with the hopeful group of strangers in my room (ha, that sounds so crazy!). I ran through the numbers in my head, worried I’d lose money or send the wrong message about the course’s value. But they didn’t care for any of my discount suggestions – or my irrational fears.

I then heard someone in the crowd say, “You have to let them choose the price.” And the room filled with shouts of support. Wait, what? Choose their own price? For a full year of inspiration and connection? That suggestion sounded totally ridiculous (this is my livelihood, after all). But that idea also sounded beautifully, inexplicably right. If you do this, word will get around to all the right folks, another spirit said. Looking at all those loved ones gathered, eager to let their people know they’re okay and still around, I got all choked up. How could I say no?

By then, it was time to pick up my oldest at school. I almost missed my turn, I was so distracted thinking about how I’d make it work! There would be lots of administrative hoops to jump through; I knew I’d need to bring Jill, Happiness Manager for my biz, up to speed. As soon as we got back home, I pulled my phone out of my coat pocket and found that it was already calling Jill. I quickly ended the call before she answered – not even sure how to describe yet what was going on and what we needed to do. But it was crystal clear that Nana & Company wanted to get the ball rolling!

A Gift from the Other Side

The truth is, on paper, this makes no sense for my business – offering a whole year of content at an undetermined price, only days before class begins. But in my heart, I know none of that matters. I can feel the vibration of this request from on-high pulsing through me. I am choosing to trust it will all balance out, that the perfect people will be called to it, that an army of angels has my back. So here we go…

The regular price and our 12-month payment plan are still available – but now you’ll find there is a Pay-What-You-Can option for the 2016 edition of Project Light Year, which kicks off next Monday (1/11). Read about the class and community, then notice if your heart feels pulled to be part of it. If it does, scroll down to the Pay-What-You Can option and change the default amount – currently $1.00 – to the price that feels doable and perfect for you. All I ask is that you come to this experience with an open mind, an open heart, a grateful spirit and deep compassion for the tribe you’re becoming part of.

heaven - pay what you can

If you already signed up to be part of Project Light Year 2016, I want to be fair to all of you dear hearts. So watch for an email in your inboxes, giving you the opportunity to request a partial refund if the class fee you paid stretched you too thin.

Whenever I quiet my fears, whenever I calm my ego, whenever I listen to divine visitors and celestial whispers, amazing things unfold. I have no doubt this will be the case again. There are things I will be sharing that I don’t even know yet. There are people I’ll be meeting who will be blessings in my life. There will be stories and connections that will fill me up with glee. 2016 will be a year of pure magic and it’s only just begun.

the real reason taylor swift is breaking records (light the way, girl)

The real reason Taylor Swift is breaking records - #1989

You guys, I am obsessed with the new Taylor Swift album, 1989. It’s so good! And I’m not the only one who thinks so. After her bold and brilliant move from country to pop, music industry execs say she’s about to become the first artist ever to top one million sales in the first week for three albums. At the ripe old age of 24. Wow.

Yes, she’s a great songwriter. Yes, she’s got a round-the-clock publicity and promotion machine behind her. Yes, she’s a strong role model for young girls (and, heck, 40-year-old moms, too). But I believe the real reason this superstar is on top of the world again is this: Taylor Swift is seriously tuned in to her intuition. 

I could tell as soon as I heard the album: she sounds like a young woman who is crystal-clear about where she’s been, what she’s learned and how to tell her stories in ways that move people – literally and figuratively. She gets the power of keeping it real, singing From the beats to the hooks to her subtle giggle on the mega-hit “Shake It Off,” Taylor didn’t miss a detail – and that’s the sign of intuition at work. It trumps convention, it overshadows the “right” way to do anything, it offers inspiration that feels like rocket fuel, and it empowers us to trust our inner guidance even when everyone else says not to.

Sure enough, when I opened up the insert from Taylor’s CD, her thank-you note to family, friends and fans confirmed it. “For the last few years, I’ve woken up every day not wanting, but needing to write a new style of music,” she writes in her foreword. “I needed to change the way I told my stories and the way they sounded…it was a good thing to follow this gut feeling.”

She reiterated this in an interview with the Montreal Gazette last month: “I had this constant intuition and gut feeling and inspiration coming at me saying: ‘Make this album this way, make this album different from everything you’ve done before.’ So creatively I just followed that intuition and made the album the way I wanted to make it.”

That’s no small feat, completely switching genres when you’re a superstar singer. Management and radio stations and concert promoters freak the freak out when you threaten to rock the boat. Think of the pressure! You have to sense, deep down, that such a bold move will be totally worth the leap of faith. Taylor’s record label worried about offending all the country radio stations who’ve supported her work over the years, and asked her to please include three country songs on 1989. But Taylor’s intuition was unshakeable; she politely declined because she knew that she had to make a clean break.

Shake It Off lyrics by Taylor Swift

Our intuition is like a song playing over and over in our minds, the beat pulsing through our veins, the words pumping us up. So it’s no surprise someone like Taylor Swift can FEEL that music. She’s made all kinds of unconventional decisions for this album release that serve others – from inviting hundreds of fans to secret listening parties at her homes to donating all the proceeds from her latest hit (Welcome to New York) to NYC public schools – and, like a boomerang, these intuitively-guided  choices have not only touched others but bolstered her own success.

Taylor Swift’s on fire not only because she makes cool tunes, but because she’s the poster girl for following your heart. I vote that we all follow in her footsteps…we’ll make the moves up as we go. 


Speaking of intuition, I’m soooo glad Lori and I listened to ours and said YES to launching Infinite Purpose next week. The response has been awesome, with people around the world signing up, sending sweet notes of celebration and sharing it with others. We are so excited! Join us here.

it’s my “good god, i can’t believe i’m doing this” anniversary

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." - Brene Brown #courage #quote #brenebrown

One year ago today, I got brave and told the truth – knees knocking, voice quivering, angels dancing.

And as soon as I let courage take charge, everything changed. 

Though I’d been posting stories here about my personal journey – from magical moments to massive sinkholes – since 2006, I’d been holding back on one small (okay, major) thing. “What I haven’t shared publicly,” I wrote in a blog post called The Sixth Sense: There’s Something I Need To Tell You,  “is the extent of my own life-long intuition.”

It had been a lifelong secret, shared only with close family and friends, and in circles I deemed super-safe. For so many years I was scared of being labeled as crazy, worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously in other aspects of my work, and unsure how to put those gifts to good use. So, I quietly worked to hone it, experiment with it, set boundaries around it, and share the gifts of it with folks I trusted. By the time 2013 rolled around, it felt like I was leading a double life; downplaying my intuitive connection with some folks while letting it flow with others. I could practically see the crossroads before me.

"To reach a crossroads is to realize we must choose which map to follow: the one drawn in fear or the one crafted by faith." - Liv Lane


Ultimately, my decision to come clean with all of you was born out of faith, as I realized that hiding the truth – letting fear win – was no longer working. Why would the benevolent God I believe in give me this, I wondered, if I’m not meant to put it to good use? It was so much bigger than me. So I surrendered to it, devoted my work to it, and let the universe take the wheel.

And holy wow. The response was crazy-amazing. Not only from dear hearts like you who celebrated my announcement and intuitive connections (thank you so much!), but from the Great Beyond. From the get-go, opportunities arrived, ideas flowed, my calendar filled with readings and speeches and projects. And their impact on others over this past year has been awe-inspiring for me; it is an absolute honor to usher in meant-for-you messages and bear witness to the transformations, the aha moments, the soul-deep truths that result from these connections.

It almost seems silly now, looking back on how fear nearly kept me from this. It is so easy to get in our own way, to be the one thing that keeps us from experiencing the big things, the brave things, the meaningful things. Truth is, we can’t experience magic while hiding from it. That’s what this year has taught me and I’m eternally grateful.


Divine Interventions weekly email from Liv LaneBRAND NEW! This morning, I unwrapped an anniversary gift for YOU!  Divine Interventions is a brand new, FREE weekly email with brief but powerful channeled wisdom to help you get unstuck and cultivate joy. See the first issue by clicking here. And to add yourself to the list, please click here.

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what do spirits look like? a peek inside the other side

what do spirits look like? a peek inside the other side - post by liv lane

I think I have something in common with police sketch artists. You know, the ones who visualize and draw images of criminals based only on descriptions from others? When those artists later see what a captured criminal really looks like, that’s where our experiences intersect. To see how closely the portrait they imagined and sketched resembles the person’s real-life image has to feel equally bizarre and amazing. 

That’s precisely how I feel whenever I see the real-life image of someone I’ve communicated with in spirit. It’s totally bizarre. And totally amazing.

I’m a visual person, so I’m grateful that when I communicate with spirits, guides and angels, the universe lets me see them in addition to hearing them. Of course, none of them needs an earthly body to exist in the Great Beyond. But the spirits of human beings who have crossed over appear to me with physical attributes for several reasons:

  • to illustrate their personalities, passions or happiest times in their lives (a dad of a dear friend, for instance, always shows up in a sweatshirt celebrating his favorite football team; turns out cheering for them was a favorite pastime)
  • to show me when they were alive (World War II vets sometimes show up in uniform and with a sepia tone to them, for example)
  • to get me to share something relevant that will resonate for the person on the other end of the line (one spirit kept pointing to her curly, perfectly coifed hairdo, wanting her daughter to know she was finally getting her hair done again!)

I never really know if the images I’m seeing of spirits are truly what they looked like in real life – unless I’m shown a photograph of them later. And that, my friends, is a take-my-breath-away WILD experience.

Several months ago, I was texting with a friend who was at the bedside of her dying grandpa. His wife (her grandma, whom I’d never met) came through to me to say she was excitedly waiting in Heaven…and could her husband hurry up already!? 🙂 She didn’t look like a grandma to me, though; she showed up as a young woman – in black & white – reminiscent of a 1940s photo. My friend said that made sense, because her grandparents were so happy and carefree at that time. A few hours after that exchange with my friend, my heart skipped a beat when I looked at my phone and, for a split second, thought the spirit of her grandma was staring back at me. My friend had texted me an old black & white photo of her grandma as a young woman, and she looked exactly like she did when she’d come to me hours earlier!

A similiar thing happened the other day – on Facebook. I was scrolling through my feed when – bam! – I got chills seeing the photo of a woman I recognized. She died on 9/11 and I’d done a reading for her mom several years ago (one of my first!). A mutual friend posted a picture on Facebook in her honor – and it took my breath away. You guys, it is the weirdest thing to wonder, “where do I know that person from?” only to realize you only know them from communicating with their spirit!

Even though this is part of my everyday life, I am still completely amazed each time it happens. Every speck of validation, every word that resonates with those left behind, every physical image that resembles the spirit images I’ve seen are reminders to me that anything is possible in the name of Love. Our loved ones do not forget us, they do not forget their earthly lives, and they do not lose their personalities – or even their favorite outfits! Yes – I’m very lucky to get to see them; but that’s not necessary to feel their love, to trust they’re present, to communicate with them in your own ways.

So, say hello. Blow them kisses. Trust the signs and symbols they send. Even if you can’t see them loving you, they can see you loving them.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

so excited i might burst (mark your calendars – fireworks ahead!)

disney fireworks red

I’m so excited for Friday, I could burst! At 10am ET, I launch my first-ever Flash Sale! Will you come??

First, quick (MAGIC!) story: a couple of days before our spring break trip to Disney World, I was already worrying about summer. A neighbor asked what I had planned for the boys after school’s out, and there it was: the paralyzing realization I hadn’t any clue what my summer would look like. Suddenly, I was drifting into a worry-storm of calendars and projects and summer camps and mommy guilt. Luckily, I caught myself spinning. 

I sat down. I lit a candle. I asked the universe for guidance. It gave me fireworks. 

Spirit came through in that near-meltdown meditation, loud and clear, insisting that I focus my energy on my one-hour Firecracker Calls. No new projects, no jumping through hoops. Use what you already have, they said, to do the most good. Made sense; these intuitive sessions are a total joy for me to do and have become a direct route to clarity for so many women on the other end of the line. Spirit was right; booking my summer sessions in advance would clear my head of scheduling worries.

Two days later, just to make sure I got the message, the universe gave me a personal fireworks show. At the end of a long day at the jam-packed Magic Kingdom, we (hubby Brad, me and our boys) wandered into an area designed to look like a big top circus; despite the rides being open, it was eerily empty of people. The four of us were standing together, breathing in the rare moment of quiet, when a huge firecracker exploded overhead. And then another. And another. Turned out the fireworks that thousands of people were gathered around Cinderella’s Castle to watch were actually being set off right over our heads! Hello, magic. Hello, joy. Our family just stood there alone and in awe as the night sky lit up above us. And I said a little prayer of thanks and “message received!” to the powers that be.

Now that I’m home, I’m ready to dive into what happens next: my first-ever flash sale (and a giveaway too!!!)

Firecracker Flash Sale - grab you intuitive reading with Liv Lane April 18

The last time I put my Firecracker Calls on sale, three months of sessions sold out in 36 hours. WHAT? Yes! I was totally unprepared for the loving response. This time, I’m ready. And so excited to make this a summer to remember for me and you.

How to participate

BOOK A DISCOUNTED SESSION: On Friday April 18th at 10am ET at livlane.com/flash, I’ll post the full list of Firecracker Call time slots available from mid-May to early-August. Grab the one you want and you’ll automatically get $20 off the usual price of $199. The Flash Sale will continue until midnight, unless all sessions sell out before then.

WIN A SESSION: If you help me spread the word (pretty please?), you could win a FREE Firecracker Call! If you book a call on April 18th for mid-May through early-August and win the giveaway, you’ll get your money fully refunded. Enter below by sharing via Pinterest, Twitter, or other fave ways to reach out to friends and family. SO appreciated!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
See you all on Friday!

this week is going to change my life

I have yet to live a day that wasn't graced by light. LivLane.com #intothelight

My life’s about to change. So many friends have said this. So many signs have pointed to this. Every time I close my eyes, I know this to be true.

Yep, this is a week that will change my life.

Into the Light begins on Wednesday. Eighteen days of receiving and delivering messages from Spirit – a bright-light swarm of beautiful, angelic souls that first approached me in October, asking that I leverage my ability to communicate with the Other Side to help them connect with those who are ready and willing to hear their messages. Typing that out still feels a a little unbelievable to me, like I’m writing an episode of the Twilight Zone. But I know with every fiber of my being that this. is. real.

Still, I’ve been feeling a little nervous – hoping all will go smoothly, praying that everyone who’s signed up will feel blessed by the messages, thinking (too much) about my schedule each day of the series. I noticed myself getting a little worked up last night, so I decided to distract myself by watching a TV show I’d recorded earlier in the evening. I almost never watch CNN, but heard via Facebook about an Anderson Cooper special featuring people who have physically died and come back to life. I love hearing others’ accounts of the Other Side, so I grabbed the remote and hit “record.”

When I turned it on late last night, I was surprised to see that the reporter wasn’t Anderson Cooper but Randi Kaye – a blast from my past. In the mid ’90s, we were both reporting on the same news story in Florida; I was just a pup back then, in my first real radio job and on my first solo assignment trip. I was so nervous, wanting to do everything right, praying I’d get everything correctly recorded and disseminated for my network. Randi and her producers, who were working for a Dallas morning TV show, took pity on me and let me hang with them.

So, last night, it felt like a bit of sweet serendipity to see Randi on the TV special I had turned on to calm me down, having just been nervously thinking about recording and disseminating a new kind of message. Nice move, universe.

The first person Randi interviewed was Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon who was trapped underwater with her kayak for 15-30 minutes while friends tried to rescue her, back in 1999. They finally pulled her out – bloated, blue, body broken and not breathing – until she inexplicably opened her eyes and lived to tell the story of her journey into the afterlife.

“I am my own greatest skeptic,” she told Randi. “I am quite sure that I would not believe my life story had I not personally lived each and every day of it.”

Bam! That right there was what I needed to hear. I’m not sure I’d believe my own story either, and fully trust my conversations with Spirit, had I not experienced it all for myself. That’s all I have to lean on, and that has to be enough. It amazes and humbles me that it’s enough for so many of you, too. That you feel called to be part of this journey with me, that you’re willing to trust the message and the messenger.

Into the Light: 18 Days of Divine ConnectionI can feel in my bones that Into the Light will be powerful. I’ve been in training for weeks now, in fact. Every time I close my eyes for meditation, I’m instantly transported into training sessions with my guides, angels, even my dad. They are helping me receive messages efficiently and in ways that don’t drain my physical energy.

And they’ve been showering me with positive signs. For instance, I notice 3:33 on the clock constantly these days. For years and years, “my time” has been 11:11. But lately, I’m floored how often I look up from what I’m doing and see 333 on a clock, on a gas station sign, on a license plate. It’s happened enough times that I decided to go look up what it means, according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 book. Wanna know the meaning?

“You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.” 

Holy wow. Somebody call CNN, ’cause this week is going to change my life. And maybe yours, too. I don’t know how, I just know it is. And that has to be enough.

Note: Please sign up by midnight central on 12/3 in order to receive all 18 messages in  your inbox and be part of our Facebook community. 

you are not crazy. you are crazy-gifted.

you are not crazy .you are crazy-gifted. via livlane.com

It’s been two months since I revealed a poorly kept secret, fully revealing here my life-long intuitive gifts. I didn’t expect so many blessings to come from it: the sense of freedom and calm in the core of my being, the outpouring of love, the enhanced help from angels with my one-on-one sessions, a clarified direction for my work.

But the biggest surprise was how many women reached out, friends and strangers alike, to quietly…sheepishly…tell me about their own gifts. Like the one who can feel when people are seriously ill (hello, emotional empath). Like the one who has premonition dreams, including some that scare her. Like the one who can see people’s energy – light and colors swirling around them. Like the writer who feels like words are channeled through her.

So many women with amazing intuitive gifts, all scared shitless to tell anyone. 

Every single one used the same word to describe their secret abilities: crazy. “Please don’t think I’m crazy.” “I know this sounds crazy.” “Maybe I’m just going crazy.” I’ve been guilty of this in the past, attempting to guard myself from ridicule and eye rolls by being the first to declare my own insanity.

I believe so deeply that every person on the planet comes into this world with innate gifts; inner sparks we are meant to use throughout our life to serve others and bring us joy. Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure out what they are. But those lucky enough to know them and name them have a responsibility to use them and honor them.

When we call our own gifts or interests crazy, we send the message that everyone else with similar gifts or interests is crazy, too. We feed the fear and serve the stigma. I get that when your intuition is right, it feels pretty wild – amazing, surprising, exciting. Same thing if you sense you’re getting a sign or message from angels or spirit or God. There’s a rush of emotions, a deep sense of connection, maybe even a buzzing through your body. For a fleeting moment, it feels crazy-good – until you start to question it. It doesn’t take much – a little worry, a little doubt – to turn feeling crazy-good into feeling just plain crazy.

“When we understand, we are at the center of the circle and there we sit, while Yes and No chase each other around the circumference.” – Chuang-tsu

And that kind of back and forth soul wrestling will drive you crazy. But darling, the truth will set you free. And it also frees up others to receive and respect the magic and messages in their own lives. You are not crazy. You are crazy-gifted and the world needs to know.

So, what if we band together and make a pact? To stay open, to trust more, to share what we’ve got because that’s why we got it. There is power in numbers. There is power in sharing. There is power in you.

The Sixth Sense: There’s Something I Need To Tell You

growing up highly intuitive

Dear Ones,

I’ve been playing a game of tug-of-war with myself lately, toying with the idea of revealing a deeper truth here. Super scary. But last night, I got a little message that gave me a surge of confidence (you know how I love a good sign!).

I was putting the finishing touches on a new offering – but I was holding back on making it as good as it could be. I went into the dudio to grab some notes from a recent talk I attended and, as I grabbed the stack of paper, out fell a tiny hotel notepad with my handwriting on it. To my surprise, it was filled with notes from a Hay House conference I attended in 2007 – specifically, a session featuring author and psychic Colette Baron Reid.

I don’t remember that session being particularly meaningful to me back then; I’m surprised I still have the notes. And why a pad of paper from 2007 would be stuck in a stack of current papers is a mystery to me – so I knew it was important to pay attention. Hello, serendipity. I read through my scribbles on the first two pages – insights from Colette about intuition and psychic awareness. And then at the bottom of the second page I saw these words:

Telling your story makes you powerful. 


Ohhh, snap. I don’t know how many times I’ve said something along those lines in my own classes and sessions! So, that little mystery notepad gave me a taste of my own medicine (and a kick in the pants from Colette!) when I needed it most, particularly around revealing details around my own intuition and psychic awareness. Gulp.

Over the past year, I’ve focused more of my energy on helping entrepreneurs boost their confidence around self-promotion and meaningful marketing – from creating new content to doing one-on-one Star Mapping Sessions. It’s been nice leveraging my background to help blooming businesswomen find the confidence and tools they need to build awareness. But I think I’ve been trying to hide a little behind that expertise – and it’s not working. Time and time again, the positive feedback I get from those who are most impacted by our one-on-one sessions (and even the classes I teach) is not as much in praise of my expertise…but in awe of what I know.

No matter how much I try to tone it down or hold information back, there’s an inner knowing that has grown too strong to keep under wraps. Over the years, I’ve written and spoken rather generically about the importance of our intuition – we all have it, we all need it, we must trust it. I’ve shared magical stories of my kids’ apparent connection to the great beyond, about undeniable signs from the Universe, about awe-inspiring synchronicity in my life.

What I haven’t shared publicly is the extent of my own life-long intuition. I haven’t shared how I feel people’s illnesses or challenges or stuckness. How I hear wisdom that comes from beyond me, outside of me. How I see angels…and spirit guides…and, yes, I see dead people. (Cold sweat. That one was the hardest to admit to you.)

It has always been this way, even as a child. I found ways to shut it off as I got older, especially when I worked in corporate America. But it came rushing back in after I had kids – and it’s grown more intense since my own dad died in 2011.  The number of friends and family who know all of this about me is pretty small. Some have experienced crazy, woo-woo spiritual stuff with me. Some have had readings with me. Some have figured it out and flat-out asked. I get choked up thinking about how they have all held my secret, honored my requests not to tell others about this piece of me until I was ready.

Meanwhile, I feel bad that in all these years of talking about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability, I have kept this from the rest of you. I worried you’d run for the hills. I worried you’d think I was making it up. I worried certain friends and extended family might back away. And these all remain very real, lump-in-my-throat concerns. But I cannot, in good conscience, continue to speak and write about tapping into your inner sparks while keeping one of my own gifts under wraps.

Firecracker Calls with Liv Lane

Last night, finding that notepad from the event with Colette Baron Reid felt perfectly orchestrated. I was putting the finishing touches on the web page for new one-on-one client sessions called Firecracker Calls and was describing them as one part pump-you-up pep-talk, one part idea-infusion, one part intuitive reading. And I was soooo close to pulling the intuitive reading wording right out of the description. Tempted to just stay in hiding a while longer. I could keeping using my intuition…leaning on my posse of invisible advisors…and just not tell people, right? Right. Except I was starting to feel like a fraud.

And that timely reminder in those notes from the past – telling your story makes you powerful – was a bit of synchronicity I couldn’t ignore. I’d been feeling pulled to share this piece of my story, but resisting it out of fear. Finally putting it out there feels freeing…feels right…feels like I can really be me with all of you. Don’t expect any major changes; you won’t suddenly find me wearing flowing gowns or working out of a carnival tent! The biggest shift, I guess, is that this frees me to do my best work – leveraging all of me, out in the open, using the gifts I was given to facilitate healing, cultivate hope and offer inspiration.

Love + light,

liv lane


The Psychic Reading That Blew My Mind

I believe we were all born intuitive beings, given a precious gift that allows us to tap into our own destiny and connect with signs from the great beyond. But that precious gift is hard to protect and easy to ignore, given all the distractions of daily life. Here’s a glimpse into my path, in hopes it helps shine a light on yours.

I was a highly intuitive child.


I think all kids are so perceptive, but the lucky ones – like me – have parents who lovingly support vs. deny their ability to see and sense invisible forces within them and around them. I felt things, saw things and knew things no one could explain. But as I grew up and grew busy, that inner knowing took a backseat to everything else and my trust in it dimmed. My intuition did not go away; it just got buried under busywork.

There were times in my young adult life when I heard it – that still, small voice coming through loud and clear – and I had to choose whether to trust it or ignore it. And you know what? Whenever I chose to follow my heart, it proved to be right. But it was such a struggle to trust that inner wisdom.


I gave more power to the voices in my head than the one whispering from my heart.


Then, in my early 30s, a couple of things happened that allowed my intuition to seep through the cracks and bubble up to the surface:

1) My healing journey through PTSD and depression invited me to reflect and be still. Good God, it’s amazing what you hear when you just get quiet.

2) After years of feeling trapped in beige cubicles and black blazers, I began to move into my own light, flirting with the possibility of doing what I love and truly loving what I do.

Both of those spirit-shifting transitions, which unsurprisingly overlapped each other, woke my intuition from its slumber. And it didn’t just roll out of bed.


My intuition leaped back into my daily life, wide-eyed and ready to rock.


At first, it scared the crap out of me; I was so out of practice at listening to my soul’s voice blended perfectly with God’s voice. But it just came rushing in – like it often did when I was a kid. I started to hear words seconds before they came out of people’s mouths. I’d “imagine” things and then they’d happen the next day – or next hour – or next moment. I’d accidentally pick up on the energy of people around me, literally feeling how others felt {so exhausting!}. It was cosmic information overload.

In 2006, I enrolled in an intensive course on intuition. I’d spend the week all buttoned-up at my corporate job, then secretly spend weekends with a bunch of psychics-in-training, hoping to get a handle on what was happening to me. I devoured books about intuition and intention, I meditated lots, I learned to clear myself and ground myself, and eventually I grew more grateful than fearful of this gift.

Later that year, I couldn’t shake the sense I needed to leave my job and set out on my own. So, I booked a reading with a professional psychic who’s since become a dear friend. I had booked readings several times in the past regarding big decisions and had always felt electrified by them; the otherworldly information and advice often blew my mind. But this time, it was different: everything she said, I already knew. Our session was actually…boring. Because I’d become so in tune with my own emotional compass and inner wisdom, nothing she reported was a revelation –  but rather confirmation of what I already knew.

That reading blew my mind in a new way, proving to me I wasn’t just imagining things but was intuitively in sync with my past, present and future. That’s when I really began to make life choices based on what my heart told me. The results were amazing. And I can tell you now that had I not trusted my intuition back then, the most wonderful things about my life today likely wouldn’t exist.

So, why share all of this? Because I want you to know the other GIANT TRUTH I’ve realized during this journey:


We all have psychic superpowers.


The more I studied intuition and noticed its presence in the lives of others {including SO MANY famous folks who credit their success to their keen instincts}, the more I realized it’s not a gift that’s only offered to a select batch of lucky folks.  Everybody gets their own crystal ball – like a little welcome gift upon your earthly arrival!

Throughout your life, even when you think your crystal ball is nowhere to be found, it’s peeking out from the corners of your life – trying to get noticed. Ever thought of an old friend and then, hours later, run into her for the first time in years? Ever been dealt a low-blow and told people you just knew it was coming? Ever felt a deep sense of peace come over you about a tough decision? Hello, intuition! Those crystal ball moments are your psychic superpowers at play.

Don’t let them gather dust on your soul’s woulda-coulda-shoulda shelf. Open up that gift – play with it, cherish it, protect it and share it with others. You are psychic, baby – we all are. When you own it and trust it, life becomes a magic show.