A gift for you from the Other Side (a.k.a. I can’t believe I’m doing this)

Liv with pic of Nana

Yesterday, I got a visit from my Nana. And then she brought some of your loved ones over, too. It was a day, from start to finish, of appearances and sacred signs that made my heart absolutely race. And that’s really saying something, since I’m pretty used to engaging with the Great Beyond. Let me give you the highlights because there’s a gift in it all for you.

Nana passed away nearly a year and a half ago, but when she was alive, she knew I could see and hear spirits and angels. She assured me multiple times that she’d be popping in, sending signs, and whispering in my ear (i.e. bossing me around!) once she was in Heaven. We had some good laughs – and shed a few tears – about that future reality. But after her passing, I didn’t hear much from her – up until these past few weeks (maybe you saw my Christmas tree story, for instance). It’s like she was picking up steam, gaining the energy and know-how to get through to me in a major way.

A Vivid Dream

Several days ago, I started noticing “spirit chatter” swirling around me, like the faded din of a busy restaurant. I was too busy to get still and tune in, so the spirits found another way to get my attention (they’re sneaky like that!). On Monday night, Nana came to me in a dream – so vivid and real that I was surpised the next morning when I woke up in my bed! In the dream, as I shared on social media, Nana and I were with old friends and dear family, sitting next to each other, having a marvelous time. Everyone was laughing, loving, reminiscing. And then I realized I was the only one who could see her. They weren’t talking to her…they were talking ABOUT her. I couldn’t believe they were missing her being right there!

Don’t forget – you see and hear what others can’t, Nana reminded me. And then she asked that I use that gift to let more people know their loved ones are near…they’re sitting at the restaurant with them, riding in the carpool with them, dancing in the living room with them. Oh! Mission accomplished, I told her. I’ll be teaching that soon! But she already seemed very aware of my recent decision to devote the next year of my online class, Project Light Year, to helping participants deepen their awareness of and connection to spirits and angels.

There’s more to share than you think and more people to reach, Nana said – but I didn’t quite understand. She then demonstrated some of the amazing ways she’s learned to play with time and space – and then I woke up, surprised to be in my bed since I could have sworn I’d just been in a restaurant with Nana.

A Crowded Room

Our interaction had been incredibly vivid and stayed with me into my waking hours, which is how I know Nana was really with me. But I didn’t know how to address the things she’d requested and shown me, so I set them aside and went on with my day. Until, that is, she showed up again. Not in dream form, but standing in my bedroom when I walked in. And this time, she brought a roomful of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children and pets all in spirit form, to back her up. Whoa.

Nana is a social butterfly, so I’m not surprised that she’s already made countless friends over there! She asked me to please listen to them. One man who died in his 50s told me his family tends to doubt or miss the signs he leaves for them. A mother who passed in her 70s showed me “all the pretty birds” she’d like to send if only her daughter would open the window blinds. A yellow lab ran circles around a sleeping baby, proud to be watching over the new arrival. A little boy wanted his family to know – and laugh about – all the funny pranks he’s been playing on them. My heart was racing as they each chimed in about the loved ones they’d love to re-establish an connection with, in a new and wondrous way. “You can help show them we’re right here,” one man said, and my heart sank a bit.

“I don’t have a way to find them for you,” I told the roomful of spirits. “You’d have to bring them to me, nudge them to find the class.”

Nana stepped up then and said lovingly, “We have – but some people can’t afford it, Liv-er. And we need to reach them, too.” Nana always did love a bargain – almost as much as being overly kind to total strangers. So I started to negotiate with the hopeful group of strangers in my room (ha, that sounds so crazy!). I ran through the numbers in my head, worried I’d lose money or send the wrong message about the course’s value. But they didn’t care for any of my discount suggestions – or my irrational fears.

I then heard someone in the crowd say, “You have to let them choose the price.” And the room filled with shouts of support. Wait, what? Choose their own price? For a full year of inspiration and connection? That suggestion sounded totally ridiculous (this is my livelihood, after all). But that idea also sounded beautifully, inexplicably right. If you do this, word will get around to all the right folks, another spirit said. Looking at all those loved ones gathered, eager to let their people know they’re okay and still around, I got all choked up. How could I say no?

By then, it was time to pick up my oldest at school. I almost missed my turn, I was so distracted thinking about how I’d make it work! There would be lots of administrative hoops to jump through; I knew I’d need to bring Jill, Happiness Manager for my biz, up to speed. As soon as we got back home, I pulled my phone out of my coat pocket and found that it was already calling Jill. I quickly ended the call before she answered – not even sure how to describe yet what was going on and what we needed to do. But it was crystal clear that Nana & Company wanted to get the ball rolling!

A Gift from the Other Side

The truth is, on paper, this makes no sense for my business – offering a whole year of content at an undetermined price, only days before class begins. But in my heart, I know none of that matters. I can feel the vibration of this request from on-high pulsing through me. I am choosing to trust it will all balance out, that the perfect people will be called to it, that an army of angels has my back. So here we go…

The regular price and our 12-month payment plan are still available – but now you’ll find there is a Pay-What-You-Can option for the 2016 edition of Project Light Year, which kicks off next Monday (1/11). Read about the class and community, then notice if your heart feels pulled to be part of it. If it does, scroll down to the Pay-What-You Can option and change the default amount – currently $1.00 – to the price that feels doable and perfect for you. All I ask is that you come to this experience with an open mind, an open heart, a grateful spirit and deep compassion for the tribe you’re becoming part of.

heaven - pay what you can

If you already signed up to be part of Project Light Year 2016, I want to be fair to all of you dear hearts. So watch for an email in your inboxes, giving you the opportunity to request a partial refund if the class fee you paid stretched you too thin.

Whenever I quiet my fears, whenever I calm my ego, whenever I listen to divine visitors and celestial whispers, amazing things unfold. I have no doubt this will be the case again. There are things I will be sharing that I don’t even know yet. There are people I’ll be meeting who will be blessings in my life. There will be stories and connections that will fill me up with glee. 2016 will be a year of pure magic and it’s only just begun.

the moment before your life changes (it’s here)

rocks of lake superior

I’m announcing something big today with my dear friend Lori Portka. So exciting!! And it has me thinking about the moment in this photograph, a little over two years ago on the rocky shore of Lake Superior, when I knew my life was about to change. 

My intuitive abilities had been a closely-guarded secret most of my life, but the presence of spirits and angels had intensified ever since my dad’s death the previous fall. It was growing harder to keep everything I saw and heard under wraps. Within hours of arriving on the North Shore for a long weekend with dear artist friends, including Lori, they’d convinced me to do intuitive readings for each of them. One by one, each woman sat with me on the rocks and cried as angels, guides and loved ones on the Other Side came through. I could see healing happening before my eyes. And something clicked for me.

Though I’d done under-the-radar readings before, this was the first time I really understood their power – and that I’d been given those abilities for a reason. For years, I’d been inspired by the words Oprah Winfrey had once said were her daily prayer: “Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself. Use me until you use me up.

It’s what I wanted too – for the powers that be to use me up, to use my life.  But did it have to be so unconventional!? I was terrified – of being ridiculed and rejected, of not being good enough at it, and not knowing how to move forward. So, I went out on the rocks alone to talk to God. “Okay, I get it,” I said to the unending horizon. “You’re using me. I’m grateful. I’m also scared. So, if I’m going to do this, I need instructions. Please, pretty please, show me how and when and where to use what you’ve given me.”  

Inifinite Purpose class with Liv Lane and Lori PortkaLooking back, I can see that’s exactly what I’ve been given (so grateful!): a clear path to follow and dear ones to help squelch my fears. It’s been a heart-bursting journey, and I’m buzzing with excitement for what comes next: an inspired program for purpose-seekers and meaning-makers: Infinite Purpose: 8 Weeks of Conscious Creation.

Spirit has provided detailed instructions for this event, right down to announcing it TODAY – (yep, on a Saturday) and, to my total delight, co-leading it with Lori. Squeeeeal! We begin November 8th and you’ll find all the delicious details on how it came to be and what it entails over here.

That moment before your life changes? It’s here, friends. 

the private email i just sent to my tribe…

the measure of a true friend.

It’s not often I’m at a loss for words. But I’ve been sitting here for a good 30 minutes, staring at the blank page, caught up in a web of awe, rendered speechless. And a little teary. I just launched a new program – Spark*Sisters – and the reaction is blowing me away. Actually, I haven’t even had a chance to truly launch it – and already, women are lining up.

Friends, my first live event just sold out in a day. A day!? A second event has been added. And the ecourse is filling up fast.

This morning, I sent a note to my intention circle – the small group of wonder women I’ve been meeting with for years, and the inspiration for this new undertaking. And as I sit here, trying to write a blog post that encapsulates how I’m feeling, I’m having a little epiphany. I think I should just share my email to them with you. Be totally transparent, so you can see the depth of our connection, and how this all came to be. So, here it is. I’m making this private email public, for all of my sisters out there…including you.


I couldn’t wait till our next meeting to share this with you! Remember how, last year, I asked you if you’d be okay with me creating, someday, some kind of ecourse around how to build an intention circle, using our own circle as inspiration? It was only a nugget of an idea, but it kept flirting with my heart. And you said YES, of course…let it percolate. 

And then several months ago, I brought it back up and told you I wanted it to be a live event. And you said…quite resoundly…NO, not now, don’t rush in. You guys said I had too much on my plate already; I had just launched Project Light Year, was booking Firecracker Calls left and right, not to mention all the family/personal stuff begging for my attention. And because I trust you so much, and you know me so well, I didn’t even fight it. I felt a twinge of disappointment, but your advice has never led me astray. So I tucked it away for another time. 


You were so right (of course!). Right after we met, family needs escalated and I barely had time to focus on the work already in front of me. There’s no way I could have launched something new, especially my first solo event! So grateful you anticipated that and guided me to take it easy. 


Still, the idea would not let me go. I’ve frequently caught myself staring into space…planning the ecourse, envisioning the event. But instead of rushing in and launching it, I played with it. I meditated on it, connected with Spirit about it, came up with a dozen names and logos for it…but with no deadline or anything to make me stress about it. I knew it would be my next big thing, but something about it still didn’t feel quite right, so I let go of the when and how. 


And then one night, as I was having fun imagining it for the millionth time, it hit me like a lightning bolt. It felt like God organized all the moving pieces and inserted a complete vision for it in my head. It makes me cry, just writing about it, because that vision included a critical missing piece: sparks. You know how I’ve been trying to figure out a way to better incorporate my dad’s work into my work; how he wanted me to take sparks and do it “my way,” and how many conversations we had about my desire to help adults tap into the inner sparks they’d long forgotten or given up on. This crystallized vision included that – circles of women gathering to ignite their sparks, intentionally and intuitively. It gives me full-body chills, and I have felt (and heard) my dad with me so much in these final planning stages. Working together, in a new way.


Spark*Sisters - Find Your TribeSo the final result is an online intensive – Spark*Sisters. An 8 day deep-dive ecourse plus a database of participants’ locations & interests so they can find each other…find their tribes. And, as a powerful option for up to 20 women in the Twin Cities, I put together a morning event on July 19th (at the Arboretum!) where I’ll intuitively place each participant in her new tribe and they’ll begin to bond around their hopes, dreams and fears. 


Well, you guys…before I even officially launched the thing, the EVENT SOLD OUT. I simply sent two emails – one to my Project Light Year students and the other to newsletter subscribers – and women started signing up in droves for the ecourse and the event. So I’ve already added a second event, which is already selling before I’ve mentioned it anywhere! Can you believe it!? Holy wow. 


So. Sorry for rambling on, but I just wanted to share the good news and also thank you for encouraging me to wait…for the right time and for inspiration to strike. I so cherish you!




Want to find your own circle? Find details on Spark*Sisters here.

And if you’re in Minnesota, sign up for the second Spark*Sisters LIVE event over here.

here’s who i’m spending 2014 with (squeal!!!)

Christmas star ornament

Merry-making is at full tilt around here. Our boys are so excited – love watching them delight in the magic of it all! But gosh, isn’t it shocking to realize 2013 is almost over?

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s because I intentionally review my year and plan ahead for the next one. It’s so powerful. I’m already buzzing with excitement for 2014 because, for the first time, I’m leading a YEAR-LONG program designed to help brave hearts like you soulfully create your brightest year yet – and be in community with each other, exploring and sharing and adding light to your lives. Project Light Year is going to be amazing.

Project Light Year with Liv Lane and 8 "dream team" contributorsAnd today, my heart is so incredibly full as I get to introduce you to 8 amazing contributors; a virtual dream team of teachers and visionaries, intuitively and artfully helping women create their best lives. And they can teach it because they have lived it; every single one of these women has transformed her life to do what she loves, to grow from grief and hardship, to live with great purpose. Ready to meet them? Drum roll, please…

Lori Portka: Lori is pure light; she is a brilliant artist whose vibrant paintings honor the beauty of life, cultivating “happiness through art.” Her inspiring work around the art of gratitude will play a huge role in Project Light Year; if you don’t know her yet, you will fall in love with her pronto. Promise.

Susannah Conway:  Susannah is an awesome photographer and author who’s led thousands of women around the world through her soulful online classes, dedicated to leveraging creativity and self-reflection for deep healing. Totally pinching myself over her being here.

Leigh Hopkins: After two decades of working in public education reform, Leigh realized her amazing intuitive gifts could be leveraged for another kind of reform: helping women achieve a greater sense of well-being and connection to their intuitive wisdom. As founder and director of Viva Institute, Leigh is a beacon of light for so many; can’t wait for her to help participants step deeper into their inner knowing!

Kelly Rae Roberts: If you’ve stepped into a gift shop in the last several years, chances are you’ve seen Kelly Rae’s life-affirming work, given that she’s one of the most successful licensed artists on the planet. She’s a girl with a deep, giving soul; her art shows it…but I also know it. Her being here is such a gift.

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei: If it weren’t for Laurel, Project Light Year might not even exist! During an intuitive reading with her, I received guidance to bring this idea back to life – the one I’d sketched out but put on hold. I was instantly energized to finish what I’d started – and I knew Laurel had to be part of it. The messages she receives and shares from angels and spirits are beautiful (no wonder over 60,000 people have followed her on Facebook!).

Rachel Awes: Rachel is like a walking rainbow. A gifted psychologist and soulful artist, her work lifts up people from their most vulnerable places and illuminates goodness in all of our journeys. Her words are like silk on your skin and her joy is contagious. Can’t wait for the ways in which she’ll color our year together!

Michelle Stimpson: Michelle is a one-of-a-kind life coach, guiding women through positive change for over a decade with tremendous success. I’ve never met someone with more integrity and with such passion for living life to the fullest. And the ways she manifests magic in her life is so awe-inspiring; prepare to be wowed!

Carissa Paige: I have maintained for years that Carissa is a real-life fairy, feathers and glitter tucked in her knapsack along with her paintbrushes. The way her intuition and dream life lead her through art-making and storytelling mesmerizes me, and her courageous heart inspires me. So thrilled she’ll be sprinkling her fairy dust on all of us throughout 2014!

See what I mean?? Total dream team. If you’re ready to join us for 12 months of magic-making, soul-deepening, intention-creating, spirit-guiding, purpose-finding content and connection, then click here for Project Light Year. Can’t wait to shine bright with you, all year long.

why my most popular ecourse is ending {+ a special invitation}

Letting Go quote via LivLane.com

I hope I’m making the right decision here: I’m about to end something that’s been such a blessing in my life. Gulp. You know those butterflies you get when you’re about to do something that feels scary but so right? Yeah, got those right now.

For nearly three years, teaching my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love (BBTL) ecourse for hundreds of women around the world has been a total joy. To see so many find their voices, get clear on their missions, grow confident in telling their stories, bond with one another and – yes – build blogs they actually love has been so rewarding.

Build a Blog You Truly Love - last session starts Sept 15thBBTL was the first course I ever launched and I was so nervous to put it out into the world. But when so many women embraced it and loved it from the start, that boosted my own confidence in my offerings and helped shape the way I moved forward in my business. And ohhh, the contributors – the powerhouse storytellers who said YES to interviews or creating content for the course – inspired me, encouraged me and validated me. So grateful.

As I look ahead to 2014 and beyond, I have new visions for my work – new things I want to teach, new things I want to try. And I realize teaching BBTL doesn’t fit neatly into those plans. In part because it’s a huge time and heart commitment for me; every time I run this course, I’m updating content, providing feedback, working at making it better than the last. As much as I love it, the time has come to let it go, to make room for what’s to come.

So, on September 15th I’m launching the last live session of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love. If you’ve thought about taking it before…or been thinking about taking it again…or just discovered it exists…now is the time to dive in. And I do mean NOW – because I’ve got the biggest early bird discount I’ve ever offered. For 48 hours only – through Friday, August 16 at 5pm central – you can get 30% off the cost of the course (that’s nearly a $40 savings!).

Just sign up here and input the coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout during the 48 hour sale.

I am always blown away by the changes and connections and courage that materialize during this course, and I know the same will be true for this final session. So, consider this a last-chance-autumn-dance invitation from me to you, from my heart to yours. I know you have a story to tell, a life worth sharing, a message to spread. I hope I get the chance to help you do it.

soul sisters, i have a crazy idea…

True Friends

Ever made a decision that makes no sense on paper – but just feels right in your heart? That’s what I’m doing today. Throwing caution to the wind. Leaping outside the box. Experimenting with kindness. Dancing with abundance.

A week from today, I start my new ecourse – The Art of Choosing Beauty: a four-week deep dive into how I pulled myself out of the darkness and changed my life for good through a philosophy and daily practice that centers around everyday beauty.  It’s gonna be deep. And soul-stirring. And so, so joyful.

But there’s something missing. 

soul sister circle.I had an epiphany this weekend. At the times in my life when I’ve experienced the greatest personal growth, there has been a soul sister – a friend or relative I adore – cheering me on and growing right alongside me. And I really want that for you, too. Yes, we’ll have an amazing community of participants to bond with in our private Facebook group, but imagine having a dear heart – your beloved girlfriend, sister, mom, auntie – to compare notes with, to share challenges with, to celebrate aha moments with. I get giddy thinking about how powerful that would be – for you, for her, for all of us!

SO. Here goes. I haven’t even reached the number of sign-ups to hit my financial goal for this course…but I don’t care. If you sign up…or if you’ve already signed up…I want to give you a second admission for the soul sister of your choice – for free.

Soul Sister Special!

I had already priced this e-course really low ($47), because I wanted it to be accessible for all who need it. But if you decide to split the cost with your soul sister, you’ll each only pay $23.50 to get all the content delivered to your inbox each day for four weeks. Or you can just gift it to that wonder woman in your life. Whatever you choose. Details on how it works are below.

My only request? If it feels right, could you share this soul sister special with others in your life? To make sure I don’t completely lose my shirt on this deal, I’m not going to pay to promote/advertise the course this week as I’d planned. So if you could help me spread the word…maybe on Facebook, maybe in an email to friends, maybe to colleagues in the break room…that would be amazing.

like coming home: we all need soul sisters

two of my dear ones: lori portka & rachel awes

HOW IT WORKS: To get the special, you can sign up here for $47 (or go here for more details on the course, and purchase through that page). Either way, you must sign up by midnight central on July 15th (the day the course starts). On the page where you fill out your contact info, there’s a box at the bottom labeled “PRIMARY EMAIL.” In that box, please add the name of your soul sister and her email address. Then she’ll be sure to get all the content, too. Simple as that.

ALREADY SIGNED UP? You’ll be getting an email to let you know how you can invite someone you love to participate for free, too. Watch your inbox!

Ohhhh, kindred spirits…soul sisters…I cannot wait to gather virtually next week, to dance arm-in-arm and celebrate the magic in our midst. It’s going to be so beautiful.


the magical tree + some sparkly news

Every year, we take the boys to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market to find our Christmas tree. We walk up and down the rows of trees {we prefer the Frasier Firs}, waiting for one to call out to us, to draw us in, to accept our invitation. Yes, if you listen closely, you can hear them wanting to be adored, hoping to serve out their purpose, dreaming of a home where they’ll be allowed to shine. We take our job pretty seriously and probably drive the tree helpers crazy as we go back and forth.

And then, the same thing happens every year: one will suddenly just stand out from the crowd and be the obvious choice for all of us. We’ll fall in love with it on the spot. It happened again this time; we’d passed by our tree several times – and then it was like she used all her might, all her energy to pull us back to her. And all four of us just knew she was the one.

Oh, and it warms my mama heart the way the boys love decorating the tree. Tru put a bunch of snowflakes all on the same branch {love!} and Ryder worked alongside me last night, diligently finding the best spot for each ornament. “You really have to think when you’re decorating a tree,” he told me.

They cheered when I put the star on top and marveled at the final result. A gorgeous, magical tree who’s already bringing us so much joy in this, her final act. It humbles me to think of the years she spent growing tall and wide – for us. I hope she feels bright and shiny, loved and adored. Because she is.

That’s the perfect segue for sharing some exciting news with you today: I’m opening registration for a new session of BuzzWorthy, my ecourse devoted to helping heart-based entrepreneurs {lightworkers, if you will} step into the spotlight and learn how to build the buzz their businesses deserve. I learned so much teaching the first run of this class and am thrilled to birth a revamped version into the world on January 21st. But as a little holiday gift, I’m cutting the price by $20 during the month of December! So, if it sounds like it might be right for you or a small business owner you know, check out all the details here. Because, just like our tree, I want you to feel bright and shiny, loved and adored.

i’m super sorry if i bug you.

Hope you don’t mind me tooting my own horn, but I’m growing something pretty wonderful over here.

On Monday, I’m kicking off my BuzzWorthy ecourse for creative spirits – and it’s shaping up to be awesome. I’ve actually {ironically} kept the buzz for it to a minimum because I wanted to keep the class small-ish for this first run, and full of  artists, healers and other soulful entrepreneurs who feel really ready to move into this potentially uncomfortable space of self-promotion. I know it’s kinda scary. I know it’s kinda overwhelming. That’s why I’m so excited for the hand-holding, dream-catching and purposeful buzz-making that’s going to occur over the next six weeks.

I’m doing one big promotional push today, offering $24 off for 24 hours {just input the coupon code 24HR}. So…I’m mentioning it all over the place – in social media, my newsletter, on this blog. I apologize if you’re swimming in all those spaces and see the message over and over. But, to tell you the truth, I feel really good about it. See, I know how it feels to promote something that doesn’t light me up or feel like an authentic extension of me. It sucks. It knots you up. You hit the “post” button on Facebook and Twitter with one hand over your eyes. Yuck.

But when you cross that hurdle of knowing what you do serves others and taps into your own passions and purpose, it becomes so much easier to tell the world  and to do it in ways that mirror who you are and lovingly invites others into your space. I’m excited to show participants how to do that – and I’m already feeling filled up by the excitement brewing among them, with notes like this:

“The timing of this is nothing short of magical.”

And this one:

“I just looked at your list of contributors…a powerful constellation. Wow.”

Or this bit of love:

“I am so excited for this, I can hardly stand it. It’s exactly what I need to help me get more customers and more press.”

I would love to have you join us – or share today’s sale with artists, healers, writers and others in your circle who deserve to be seen and heard and loved by the world. Just send them to BuzzWorthyBiz.com. Thank you from the bottom of my buzzing heart.

The Truth About Self-Promotion

Could you, on the spot, tell me something super-cool about who you are and what you do? If you’ve got some good stuff you’re ready and willing to share, bravo!! If not, you’re not alone. So many people completely crumple at the thought of tooting their own horn. But here’s the sad consequence: playing small doesn’t make big dreams come true.

I’ve talked with so many women who have watched huge opportunities pass them by, often because they didn’t speak up. One realized too late that her supervisors didn’t even think of her for the open position she coveted – because she never bothered to tell them she’d be perfect for it. Here’s the truth: People who know how to self-promote get promoted, whether they’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or hoping someone will publicize their art.

Throw away your humble pie. 

Before you cringe and contort into a ball of nerves, hear me out. I’m not telling you to puff up your chest or step on someone else to get ahead. To the contrary, I want you creative, sensitive geniuses to see that it’s possible to self-promote without sounding slimy and conceited or feeling inauthentic.  If you need to give it a different word, go for it. Christine Kane calls it “positioning” {and she rocks at it}. Michelle Ward calls it pimpin’ {simply because it makes her giggle!}.

Try a new recipe. 

No matter what you call it, self-promotion works like magic when you focus on this key ingredient: your purposeful passions. Think about the ways your skills and talents bring you joy and help others. Are you a photographer who helps people see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Are you a therapist who steers clients out of danger and into delight? Have people thanked you for somehow brightening their day or easing their load – just by being who you are and doing what you do? These are the qualities that make you unique, intrinsically motivated to succeed, and poised to excel. Notice the fire in your belly when you focus on those traits; it transforms self-promotion into purposeful, passionate dialogue. This is not about proving you’re better than anyone else; it’s about honoring and sharing how your innate gifts serve a greater purpose. It’s about letting your spark lead you into the limelight.

I know so many brilliant, soulful, creative professionals who add so much light to the world – but are frustrated that the world barely notices. They keep hoping that if they post enough beautiful art on Etsy or coach enough clients through life transformations, their big break will come. Reporters will flock to their door. Their blogs will attract throngs of followers. I would love for this to be true – for all good work to automatically receive good buzz.

But it takes a bit more effort. Yes, the universe is conspiring in your favor – but it needs you to handle some of the details, love. It needs you to embrace your own worth, to be willing to stand up for yourself. If you want the world to find your light, you have to give us directions.

 * * * * *

GIVEAWAY!!! I really do want you to step into the limelight and get the rewards you deserve. So, I’m giving away THREE spots to my BuzzWorthy ecourse PLUS a special gift to all who enter the giveaway.

To enter, answer the question I asked up above:I want to know what makes you brilliant. Tell me something super-cool about who you are and what you do.”





Teach What You Love {BuzzWorthy Launches with Early Bird Discount!}

truth from artsyville


For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy getting ready for today. No, scratch that. For the past 20 years, I’ve been getting ready for today.

It’s one of those rare days when I’m able to look back on my life, trace over my path and say, “Ohhhhh. This is why I had to do that.” It gives me butterflies, it really does. My new ecourse for creative entrepreneurs is here – and it gives new purpose to all the years I spent in public relations and broadcasting.

The inspiration for BuzzWorthy came last fall during a conference for creative entrepreneurs. A few minutes after the panel I was on, a new session started. As I tried to slink out of the ballroom, I heard someone in the audience ask a question about how artists can get media attention – and I stopped in my tracks. I had to hear the answer. And once I did, I was chomping at the bit to offer the audience of creatives – my people – a million more tips. I bit my tongue and pulled up a chair at the back of the room; my pulse quickened as the audience drilled a panel of publicists.

How had it never dawned on me, I wondered, to share what I know about media and PR with all the creative entrepreneurs in my life?? As soon as I started daydreaming about where that might lead me and what I might create for others, it was like the universe met me halfway, sending signs and reminders, fanning the flames of that spark of an idea. Like Aimee’s artwork above says, “When you teach what you love and share what you know, you open minds, hearts and souls to unexplored worlds.” I knew I had to make it happen.

And so, here it is!  If you’re a creative entrepreneur…or you know someone who is, please check out BuzzWorthy. I’ve done a lot of research and haven’t found anything quite like it. Starting October 1st, there will be six jam-packed weeks of content, a private community of fellow creative entrepreneurs to connect with AND a seriously amazing roster of media-savvy contributors to learn from.