why i’m turning off my blog comments (the universe made me do it)

Why I'm turning OFF my blog comments (via LivLane.com)

After a lot of thought, I’ve made a big decision: I’m turning off the comments on my blog (actually, the Universe already did)…and I hope you understand.

When I first started blogging in 2006, there was no such thing as social media. (Hard to believe, right!?) I would write and publish a post, people would leave comments and I would frequently respond asap. That was it. A sweet community of positive interaction.

But as blogging grew and social media exploded, getting comments from readers and followers practically became a sport – more about competition than connection. How many kazillion people can you get to read or like or comment on your update, rather than how might courageously sharing your story impact even one person? I’ve fallen into that trap many times over the years and it was rarely fulfilling.

Looking back, my favorite posts are still the ones I wrote when it was just me telling my truth, hoping someone out there might gain some strength or insight from it – but being okay with maybe never knowing that they did.

Satisfaction in the sharing, detachment from the outcome.

For me, there is something really intimate about engaging in this virtual space, this place that feels like a second home to me. Over the past year, that feeling has been magnified as I’ve shared the really real and vulnerable parts of my life, and offered insights into my connection with the spiritual realm. Even though the feedback has been overwhelmingly kind, the comment section here has felt a little bit like having a peanut gallery in my living room. I have sensed it, occasionally, impacting what and how I share. And I have felt guilty about not responding quickly or thoughtfully enough. And, yes, I’ve felt my shoulders sag on days when there are no comments to respond to. Too much ego wrangling for me. Eliminating the comments feels like the healthiest move for me at this time.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect. More than ever, I am loving the ease and community building of social media circles. On Facebook, for instance, I can share the link to a new post (or share art, a photo, a video, etc) and then get on with my day. I can return to Facebook later, when there’s a little distance between me and the emotions or energy around what I shared, and I feel better prepared to receive and respond to your feedback and shares. Seeing that a post has collected a whole bunch of “likes” makes me feel good, for sure. But more importantly, I think, the brevity of social media provides a good balance to the deep sharing I tend to do here on the blog.

Now, here’s how I know for sure this is the best decision for me and my blog. I had been hemming and hawing over shutting off the comments for several weeks. Then, after publishing a post here, I received a note from a dear reader: she’d tried to leave a comment, but kept getting an error message saying ‘this page no longer exists.’ When I checked the blog, none of the comments were working on any of the posts. Ha! Apparently, since I kept dragging my feet, the Universe stepped in and took care of things for me! Love that little vote of confidence from the powers that be.

I hope you understand. I hope you still feel welcome here. And I really hope we can still connect (Facebook is great, and I’m loving Instagram, too).


How To Build a Blog You Truly Love: The eBook via LivLane.comSpeaking of blogging, I’m excited to let you know that the ecourse I ran for three years – How To Build a Blog You Truly Love – is now available as a 310-page ebook! Yep, we talk a lot about comments…but far more about finding your blog’s purpose, your authentic voice, your perfect design, your confidence, your courage to promote, your ability to make money and so much more. Check out all the details over here.

feeding the feelings: my confession (please be gentle) | brave blogging link-up

Liv Lane

Over the past 48 hours, I have written two other posts in an attempt to avoid writing this one. The one I’ve planned for weeks to write. The one about the thing I don’t want you to know about, but you probably already do just by looking at me.

But today’s our “brave blogging day” in my blog ecourse; a day when I challenge all of my students to follow my lead, sharing something that feels courageous and vulnerable. Guess there’s no better time to stare down insecurity than when everyone’s watching.

So here’s the deal, plain and simple: I’m fat again. I’m not writing that to get a laugh…or a virtual hug…or an artificial compliment from any of you. Friends, it’s just the truth. I swore I wouldn’t be back here again – buying bigger clothes, loathing my double chin, out of breath after a flight of stairs. But dammit, here I am. Again.

I have been riding this roller coaster with my body for over 25 years. And it’s not even fun. 

Lately, I’ve just been sad about it. Not mad (been there). Not in denial (also quite familiar). Just sad that I have spent so much time battling mySELF, taking one step forward and two steps back so many times I’ve probably circled the planet by now. I have tried countless diets, cleanses, and weight loss programs. I’ve read so. many. books. I tried everything Oprah did…and bought all of her chefs’ cookbooks and weight loss journals. I abandoned dairy – twice. I joined a support group about losing weight through self-love.

In hindsight, none of those things worked long-term because I’m an emotional eater. Maybe even a food addict. When I feel sad or mad or hurt or stressed or tired or even super happy, I turn to food to calm me, to regulate my emotions, to help me find my center. I don’t binge; it usually only takes a handful of chips or a few bites of chocolate to get me there – to lift me up or bring me down, like a drug. But when a person does that several times a day, across a lifetime, she’s going to gain weight.

I seriously just figured that out. 

No matter how many times I heard or read about emotional eating, I never felt like it applied to me. Until this recent realization that I’m fat again. Instead of searching for the next diet or entering a drawn-out state of self-loathing, I started re-tracing my steps to figure out why. See, two and a half years ago, I lost over 40 pounds in a weight loss program; I only ate salads, ground beef and bars that tasted like chalk. Since I couldn’t feed my feelings, I wasn’t a very happy camper. And the weight came off so quickly, my body rebelled; I wound up in surgery to remove my gall bladder. That road to getting healthy was clearly far from healthy.

A few months later, my dad died – but something amazing happened.

For several months, I was so besotted by grief that I could hardly eat. It was the first time in my life I didn’t feel hungry – physically or emotionally. In hindsight, I realize my body knew that a handful of potato chips weren’t potent enough to heal that level of grief or bring my dad back. Food became a non-factor and I lost weight without trying. I let myself feel the feelings – and I survived!

Wishing You Well cardEventually, regular life resumed and other emotions came back into play, co-existing with a faded form of grief. The numbing with food returned, too (though I didn’t even realize it). And slowly but surely, the weight has come back.

Today, I’m uncomfortable. I don’t feel like me. I’m ready to shed what I don’t need. Again. But this time, I feel like I know what to do: feel my way through it. I’ve been reading Women, Food & God for the third time…and it makes sense for the first time. I’ve been experimenting…asking myself WHY I’m heading toward the food pantry – and sometimes it’s stopped me in my tracks.

On Friday, I’ll  turn 39. I want to spend my last year of this decade walking through fire…allowing myself to breathe and dance and walk through the hard stuff. I plan to enjoy the food I want when I’m truly hungry. I plan to see what new hungers arise – for creativity, for connection, for conversation. I plan to work with myself instead of against myself, paving a new path to lasting health. And I plan on sharing pieces of this journey here, appreciating every little bit of love and strength you’re willing to send my way. I hope this time next year, I can honestly say I feel amazing.


Please check out the awesome bloggers below who are sharing their own brave stories today! SO proud of all of you!

do what you love…then leave it behind

every ending is a new beginning; art by liv laneI got sideswiped by grief yesterday. As I was readying the virtual classroom for my next (and last) blogging ecourse, a wave of sadness washed over me. The heavy whirling started in my belly, got caught in my throat, and put fiery tears in my eyes. It felt like…mourning. And it totally caught me by surprise.

Today marks the last first day of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love. I announced recently that this will be the last time I’ll run this course because I’m making room for new adventures. But I’ve been so focused on enjoying this final run and looking forward to new things that I forgot to allow space for grieving the loss of something I love.

I remember this kind of grief catching me by surprise seven years ago, when I left the media company I had launched and grown. I was so excited to spread my wings and leave the corporate grind behind. But a couple of days after leaving, I found myself feeling sad and a little lost, missing the place I’d put so much energy into over the years. It wasn’t that I regretted my decision to leave, but I realized that, in order to keep it together emotionally, I’d only focused on the things I was relieved to be detaching from. I had tap danced around the things I loved about my work, worried that the thought of missing them might reel me back in and convince me to stay.

Same thing with the blogging ecourse. I’ve been so focused on getting this last course up and running that I hadn’t allowed myself to also see how much I’ll miss it. Truth is, this class means so much to me. It was my saving grace at a time when it felt like everything else was falling apart. It gave me a new sense of purpose. It gave me a new revenue stream (a total Godsend after most of my projects fell out from underneath me). It gave me a new platform to help women find their own inner sparks – artfully, intuitively and joyfully.

As I was working on class content yesterday, I felt so fulfilled and excited for the next group of women about to be part of this journey – but sad that it was the last time I’d be combing through these lessons and sharing these insights. Though I’ll continue to teach other courses, there’s nothing like your first one – and seeing how far it’s come, how far I’ve come, how far so many past participants have come makes me wistful. But hanging on to everything I love makes it awfully hard to move forward.

To teach this final edition with total joy and to feel fully present for all these wonder women who have signed up, it was important for me to (finally) honor how sad I’ll be to see it go. But every ending is a new beginning. I will lead this class one more time with a deep sense of gratitude and awe for the gift it’s been in my life – and then dive into the deep end of my next chapter.


Blogging ecourse - BBTL 2013 - click for detailsNote: Want to join us? How To Build a Blog You Truly Love runs through Oct. 25th. You can register at any point during that time frame (though sooner is better) in order to be part of the online community, get my interactive guidance and receive a 350+ page PDF of all the content and contributions from 18 superstar bloggers including Kelly Rae Roberts, Andrea Scher, SARK, Maggie of Gussy Sews, Aimee of Artsyville, Amanda of Kind Over Matter and more! Here’s what we’re covering these next six weeks:

Week One: Defining Your Purpose + Passions Prepare to stretch yourself this first week, as you dig deep into the purpose of your blog. Lots of soul-stirring self-reflection!

Week Two: Creating a Space That Feels Like Home The look of your blog says so much; we’ll explore the design of your blog and how it reflects your personality and purpose. So many fun little details many bloggers don’t think about!

Week Three: Crafting Authentic Content + Staying Inspired Ever worry that you’ll run out of topics? Ever wonder how much is too much to share? Or if you can swear on your blog? Ever felt like you’re not always writing from the heart? We’ll address all of that and more. And we’re all going to step out of our comfort zones, writing and sharing brave posts in a class link-up (one of my favorite parts of this course!).

Week Four: Building Community + Boosting Readership You get to make friends this week. Lots of them! We’ll explore the importance of building your ideal community of readers and supporters – and how to do it. We’re getting the scoop from four bloggers who know a thing or two about building awesome online communities.

Week Five: Promoting Yourself With Love I’ve got lots to say on this topic, having worked both in PR and broadcasting for many years. If you have a hard time shouting your own name from the rooftops, you’re not alone – but you can promote yourself and your blog without feeling like a used car salesman. Promise! Excited to show you how.

Week Six: Blogging for Business + Growing Your Brand I believe every blog is like a mini-business with a brand you need to create and maintain. We can make it totally fun to do – and even explore ways your blog can become a revenue stream for you.

why my most popular ecourse is ending {+ a special invitation}

Letting Go quote via LivLane.com

I hope I’m making the right decision here: I’m about to end something that’s been such a blessing in my life. Gulp. You know those butterflies you get when you’re about to do something that feels scary but so right? Yeah, got those right now.

For nearly three years, teaching my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love (BBTL) ecourse for hundreds of women around the world has been a total joy. To see so many find their voices, get clear on their missions, grow confident in telling their stories, bond with one another and – yes – build blogs they actually love has been so rewarding.

Build a Blog You Truly Love - last session starts Sept 15thBBTL was the first course I ever launched and I was so nervous to put it out into the world. But when so many women embraced it and loved it from the start, that boosted my own confidence in my offerings and helped shape the way I moved forward in my business. And ohhh, the contributors – the powerhouse storytellers who said YES to interviews or creating content for the course – inspired me, encouraged me and validated me. So grateful.

As I look ahead to 2014 and beyond, I have new visions for my work – new things I want to teach, new things I want to try. And I realize teaching BBTL doesn’t fit neatly into those plans. In part because it’s a huge time and heart commitment for me; every time I run this course, I’m updating content, providing feedback, working at making it better than the last. As much as I love it, the time has come to let it go, to make room for what’s to come.

So, on September 15th I’m launching the last live session of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love. If you’ve thought about taking it before…or been thinking about taking it again…or just discovered it exists…now is the time to dive in. And I do mean NOW – because I’ve got the biggest early bird discount I’ve ever offered. For 48 hours only – through Friday, August 16 at 5pm central – you can get 30% off the cost of the course (that’s nearly a $40 savings!).

Just sign up here and input the coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout during the 48 hour sale.

I am always blown away by the changes and connections and courage that materialize during this course, and I know the same will be true for this final session. So, consider this a last-chance-autumn-dance invitation from me to you, from my heart to yours. I know you have a story to tell, a life worth sharing, a message to spread. I hope I get the chance to help you do it.

growing your blog: what the gurus won’t tell you (+ a BIG giveaway!)

Growing your #blog w/o going crazy - plus a #giveaway: access to the How To Build a Blog You Truly Love + coaching with Liv Lane.

Watch out, friends: I’m about to go against the grain. I haven’t posted here in a week, which may seem ironic given that I’m currently promoting the re-launch of my blogging ecourse. (Uhhh, shouldn’t the girl teaching blogging actually be…blogging?)

my kids holding handsWell, no. See, it’s spring break here. My kids are home (aren’t they the cutest?) and they’re taking priority. We’ve played lots of basketball and baseball, raced cars 8 million times, watched new DVDs, played video games, had some fun little outings. I’ve done a little work – some calls, a couple of coaching sessions – but I decided my blog could wait. 

Hold up. What? Put my blog on hold?

Yep. And I know that’s the absolute opposite of what most blogging “gurus” would advise. Lord knows there’s enough of them out there now, proclaiming to know the right ways to become a superstar of blogging and social media and content marketing. It’s one reason why so many people are too intimidated to start or feel like failures once they do.

There was a time when it would have killed me to skip a day, let alone a whole week of posting here. When I started blogging in 2006, I committed to blogging every single day for a full year. I was a little obsessed. The site grew quickly, but by the end of the year I was burnt out on my own blog. I began to blog less…with less passion…with less interest…with less focus and, soon, with less readers.

It took a while to nurse it back to health, to pave a path to more purposeful blogging – but it was worth the uphill climb. Every year, my blog grows – in readers, in profits, in intrinsic rewards. I adore it. I read (errrr…skim) advice from a slew of “gurus” for new breakthroughs or resources. But I’ve got my own set of anti-rules that work for me and have worked for loads of dear hearts who have taken my course. Here are a few…

4 Crazy-Free Ways To Grow Your Blog

Pace Your Posts: Think you have to post every day? Or at least every other day? I actually think that’s the quickest path to burnout and crappy content. Yes, it’s important for search engines to see that you’re regularly updating your content – but it’s MORE important that when people find you, they’re not turned off by fluff and filler. Take your time to craft thoughtful, compelling posts – even if it means that some weeks, you only publish one.

Rock Your Own Style: Have you noticed lots of blogs are looking the same lately? Lots of white space, lots of muted colors, lots of the same ads? Many are lovely to look at, but before you follow suit, ask yourself if that look and feel actually looks and feels like the real you. The other day, I read an article from a popular source that said you should never have a header with a bold logo or bright colors because it distracts people from the actual content. Um, really? People just land at a blog and totally forget why they’re there because the header’s too bright? I’m gonna give my readers a little more credit and stick with my colorful palette, thank you very much. (But I’m sure tons of other bloggers are now scrambling to change the headers – ugh).

Don’t Blog For Money: My blog is the foundation for a huge fraction of my annual income, but that’s not why I started blogging. My blog originated as a personal exercise – photographing and writing about beauty in my midst each day as I was healing from depression and PTSD. It changed my life. It gave me a sense of purpose. Blog because you have stories to tell, insights to share, ways to inspire, ideas to explore, people to connect with. That’s the stuff that really matters and makes this adventure meaningful. Once you’ve cultivated that, you’ll begin to find and create profitable opportunities that extend your mission, build your brand and allow you to be authentically you. The best kind of money there is.

Be a Social Media Snob: You can run yourself ragged trying to keep up with all the new platforms and apps available to spread the word about your blog. Rather than spread yourself thin, be picky. Choose one to four social media outlets and do them really well. The other day, I was chatting with a popular home decor blogger who attracts tens of thousands of new readers each month via Pinterest. She (smartly) caters to that audience, creating easily “pinnable” images with text to go with her blog posts; she and her readers can then pin those images and start spreading the word about her latest post. She spends lots of time on this, but not much on less visual platforms like Twitter – and it’s driving tons of traffic to her site.

win a spot in the course + coaching with me!

I’m giving away ONE spot in the upcoming ecourse PLUS a 30-minute personal blog coaching session with me. If you’re already signed up for the ecourse and happen to win, you’ll get all your money back. I’m using Raftercopter for this giveaway, which allows you to earn extra entries by sharing this post with others – super slick!

Just sign in using your Facebook account or email address and you’ll see all the options for entering. Entries must be received by Monday, April 8th at midnight central. Good luck, all!

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should i quit blogging?

blogging ecourse main page

I have had the same conversation so many times I’ve lost count – and yet I never get tired of it. Women come up to me at events and speeches with this certain look about them – sheepish, embarrassed, apologetic – and tell me how bad they are at blogging. They don’t have time for it. They haven’t posted in weeks or months. They can’t seem to find a groove. They hate technology. And then the ask: “Should I quit blogging…or keep going?”

They see other women building communities, boosting their businesses, loving the creative outlet of blogging – and they want that, too. But, at the same time, they look at other bloggers and feel like they don’t measure up.

Build a Blog You Truly Love: the ecourseIt pains me to see women feeling guilty, insecure or pressured in their blogging adventures. None of that will serve them or their readers well.

If you don’t feel good about your blog, it will do you no good. (click to tweet that!)

It’s hard to feel good about anything when people tell you you’re doing it all wrong. And there are plenty of “experts” and “gurus” and “successful” bloggers who are happy to spout off laundry lists of tasks and tips you must do to have any success in blogging…prompting many of us to feel overwhelmed and inadequate. All that negative noise makes a girl just want to up and quit. It’s no wonder only 4% of blogs launched since 2002 are still updated weekly!

That’s why I created my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love ecourse in 2011. And it’s why I’m bringing it back. That’s right, friends. I have had so many bloggers, feeling defeated and deflated, ask me to run the class live again that I’m in the throes of updating content so we can join together to change the face of blogging starting April 8th. There’s so much new content. There are updated interviews with amazing contributors – and two brand new interviews with Andrea Scher of Superhero Life and Dani Dipirro of Positively Present.

Yes, it’s a class about blogging. But it’s also a course about bravery and authenticity and purpose and passion. I can’t tell you how many women have told me it’s changed + healed major aspects of their lives, in addition to their blogs (I could cry just thinking about that).

So. If you’re longing for inspiration to start or renew a blog you’ll love…and you’re craving connection with like-minded, creative women…and you’re ready to illuminate your awesomeness, come join the circle. We start April 8th and I would love, love, love to have you.

early bird discount

my second home: inside the makeover

You know how great you feel when you give a room in your house a facelift? It’s amazing what a little paint, some rearranging and a few new pieces can do.

Well, that’s kind of how I’m feeling today, after doing the same thing for my blog. It was time to peel back the layers and get clear – with you and me – about what we’re doing here. Yep, five years in and there’s still always room for change and greater clarity.

In my ecourses, I tell students that a web site – especially a blog – is like your second home, just online. You want people to feel welcome, cared for, and like they can kick back and really get to know you. And you want them to leave feeling like it was a great visit and that they’d love to come back sometime {maybe even tomorrow!}.

So, I did a little dusting, some rearranging, and gave the place a new coat of paint. I made room for the work I’m doing to help entrepreneurs and youth shine brighter {some of that’s still under construction}. I even gave the Facebook page a little makeover. And I re-wrote my tagline…my goal for this space: to illuminate the awesomeness around us and within us.

This is the biggest, albeit subtle, shift for me. This blog started out as “One Year of Beauty.” After the first year was up, it changed to “Choosing Beauty” – and that remains the name of my company. But I’ve often found the word “beauty” to be misleading for some and require explanation {just look in my mailbox and you’ll see the countless trade magazines I get from companies thinking I’m a beauty salon!}.

But everybody understands awesomeness. It encompasses all sorts of goodness I want you to feel like you can find here:

appreciating + creating beauty

living and working with purpose + passion

the power of intention

following your bliss

I hope you feel right at home here. Kick back. Settle in. Share your thoughts. Pin a picture. Invite a friend over. And come back whenever you can. You are all sorts of awesome and always welcome here.

Love That Blog! {Share Your Faves}

When I first started blogging in 2006, I never imagined how it would change my life for the better. Or the deep connections I’d make with other bloggers. Or the wisdom and warmth I’d find in the blogosphere.

Nearly every day, I come across a post or photo or piece of art that takes my breath away. Like Andrea Scher’s gorgeous post last week on feeling seen and understood as a harried mama. Like Kelly Rae Roberts’ recent post revealing her own struggle with postpartum PTSD. Like the blogosphere’s swift and sweet support of writer Patti Dighand her husband, just diagnosed with kidney cancer and uninsured.

{art at my nana's house}

There’s magic happening all over the internet – but it isn’t always easy to find. When I find a blog I love, I tuck it away for safe keeping; I’m a bit of a blog collector, copying and pasting links all the time. But I’ve found lately that my little lists of favorite blogs had grown too lengthy to keep up with, and littered with sites that have since gone dark.

So I did some weeding and rearranging this weekend – not only so I could find my faves more easily, but so you can, too. You can click on any of the icons above to find my favorite blogs by category. I’ll continue to add to the lists, in hopes you find some gems that resonate with you.

BUT WAIT! Before you go check them out, I want to know your faves, too. Feel free to share your own blog URL in the comments and a little description…or share sites you adore and want the world to know about. We’ll make this post and the comment section beneath it a treasure trove of links to heart-based, soul-stirring, sparkly content. Ready, set, go!

You Can Finish What I Started

If I had to look at a list of the things in my life I’ve started and never finished, it would be super depressing. Little things. Big things. So many things I meant to get around to…but never did. Oh you, too? Phew.

When I was at Teahouse Studio in May, a bunch of us sheepishly revealed that though we’d signed up for our fair share of e-courses over the years, many of us had never finished them. Not because they weren’t great, but because we couldn’t carve out time from our everyday lives to dig deep into the content like we’d hoped.

So, I’m not surprised by all of the students in my own six-week e-course, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love {BBTL}, who fret when life gets in the way and they fall behind, worried they’ll never catch up or find time to get re-engaged. I totally get it.

That’s why I’m so excited today to give you all a virtual “easy button”: I’m launching a self-paced version of BBTL, with the freedom to take it whenever you want, wherever you want…and to finish whenever you can. This blogging course has evolved so much since I first offered it in early 2011 and I’ve been so lucky to connect with so many gorgeous souls around the planet. Now, no one has to wait months until the next edition starts. It’s ready NOW. Wheeee!


The self-paced blogging course includes:

~ access to all six weeks worth of content at once {over 350 pages worth!} so you can go through it all as fast or slow as you choose

~ quarterly online updates, with new developments in the blogosphere, additional resources and big inspiration

~ exclusive access to our private Facebook page – an awesome global community of class participants sharing ideas, insights, challenges and victories. Most self-paced courses don’t have an interactive component, so I’m thrilled to offer

Leading this course has become such a joy for me. I have gone through every page of this class with a fine-tooth comb, adding updates and even comments from past students so it’s a really rich experience for all. If you or someone you know is ready to shine online, hope you’ll check out all the details and get started – knowing you have all the time you need to finish!

Meanwhile, I know many of you are waiting for news about registration opening for my new ecourse, Buzz Worthy, for bloggers and biz owners looking to build their traditional and social media buzz. I am definitely going to finish what I started with this one, too {ahem!} – just a little later than planned! Getting the self-paced blogging course ready took longer than I thought, on top of other summer projects. Registration will begin later this month – and the course will kick off on Monday, Oct. 1st.



On Purpose

I love this quote so much I want to marry it. It’s so true: unshakable joy + serving others = real purpose. True in life…true in work…even true in blogging.

Participants in my blogging ecourse are often surprised that we go so deep, so fast – digging into discovering the true purpose of their blogs. But I really believe this is the most important piece of creating and maintaining a blog that feels rewarding and fulfilling.

Think about your favorite blogs. I’m willing to bet you can tell the writers enjoy what they do and that their posts consistently offer you a great takeaway: maybe you find yourself laughing, expanding your mind, learning of new resources or feeling inspired.  That doesn’t happen by chance; it happens on purpose.

It is seriously such an honor for me to watch my ecourse participants uncovering their true passions and purpose. With the next round of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love set to start next week {woot!!}, many graduates have been writing blog posts about the ways this course helped them change course. Each one chokes me up because I feel so grateful to be part of their journeys and to witness them shining bright. I thought it would be fun to share a handful of them here. Hope you’ll check ’em out and show these brave bloggers some love…

Kirsten Tulsian of PurpoSoul didn’t even have a blog when she started the course, and now she’s flying across the blogosphere on a unicorn! She writes, “Not only did I learn about building a blog, but I also completely transformed into a person who knew I could do anything that I set my mind to.” AWESOME!

Naomi Wittlin of Poetic Aperture has done fantastic work on clarifying her blog’s purpose and presentation. Of the course, she says, “I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Jess Morrow of Invincible Summer recently wrote a post called Seven Reasons You Should Consider Blogging, filled with great advice for bloggers-to-be. In it, she writes that the course “truly helped me to hone in on my message and to work out so many of the nuts and bolts of blogging.” Yay!

Christina Berry of Chrissy Inspired de-cluttered and really focused on defining her passions during our course. So great! She writes, “If you want to take your blog to the next level, this course is a ‘must-do.’” {Blushing!!}

Jen Zimmerman of Unfolding Page has been blogging for a while, but lacked focus and commitment. She found both this year – hooray! She seemed to really enjoy our class, but I especially loved reading this: “The blissful bonus of the class is the connections I’ve made with so many fabulous women! I am absolutely tickled to be part of this creative community.”

Thank you so much, ladies, for the kind words and for taking this course to heart! For those who think purposeful, passion-filled blogging sounds like a blast, join us starting Monday! You’ll be part of a community of bloggers-to-be and bloggers-in-bloom signing in from eight countries {at last count!}. I can’t wait!