Where are the angels when tragedy strikes?

where are the angels when tragedy strikes - liv lane

On Monday, participants in my Project Light Year class received a long email from me about the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. In that ecourse, we’re exploring sacred signs and divine intervention all year together. I know it may seem like neither were present in the middle of the night at Pulse nightclub on Sunday. If there are angels, you might ask, where are they when tragedy strikes? 

After reading that class email, a bunch of students said it was so helpful, they wished I’d share some of it with a larger audience. So I gave that some thought and decided to share some of it here, in hopes it provides some healing perspective for you, as well.

I suspect some of you are feeling this event deep in your bones, walking around with an aching heart because you feel so helpless or empathically feeling the dark energy associated with a tragedy such as this. But when this kind of thing happens, we have a choice to curl up and give in or to be a light in the dark. To do this, to choose the light, there are some things we must understand.

As hard as it is to comprehend, it’s important to remember that death is not an ending but a moving on to MORE life, to amplified joy, to clear purpose. While we often struggle to hear the calls of our soul here on Earth, all confusion and distraction evaporates when we transition back into the non-physical. We remember why we agreed to our earthly journey in the first place and we understand the timing and circumstances of our departure.

The angels remind me that no one transitions “too soon,” even in the case of an unexpected, hate-filled crime like the one that occurred this past weekend. Though none of us know the specifics of how we’ll be eventually called back into the light of the Great Beyond – be it disease or old age or accidents or violence – our souls agree, before entering the earth plane, to use our lives for the highest good. We know this will likely involve challenges and that there may be suffering, but we agree to go anyway because we also know that our journey will end with a glorious transition back to Self – on a timetable lovingly and purposefully orchestrated by the universe. Even if that is sooner than the “life expectancy” determined by the culture we’re born into.

For those of us left behind, watching the news and shaking our heads, this is hard to accept. Why can’t we all just live to be old and die peacefully in our sleep? As horrifying as it is to see young, innocent people die at the hands of another, the angels ask us to remember that those souls are being supremely cared for and that no life ends in vain. When a group or community of people transition together, the angels say they often have previously made some kind of soul pact around the implications of their deaths. That is to say that although they don’t know how they’ll transition, the impact of their deaths and the circumstances surrounding it will be highly visible, deeply felt and powerfully transformative for many left behind.

No one in their right mind would agree to “going out” in this fashion, we may argue. And that’s true; this is not a choice made by the mind, but by the soul that is unwavering in its mission to add more light and love to the world, even if that requires an abrupt ending.

So many intuitives, including myself, have heard the same thing from the souls of 9/11 victims: while we were mourning here in the weeks and months after that tragedy, there was a hopeful and celebratory atmosphere on the Other Side as souls transitioned, ready to further their missions together by inspiring healing, change, innovation and compassion from Beyond. I have no doubt the same thing is happening now, as 49 brave souls unite with great hope and big plans for inspiring goodness to come from their deaths. They will do their part to influence and inspire from the Great Beyond – and we are called to do the same, with angels all around.

This latest tragedy is awful on so many levels, but that also means it holds opportunities for growth and change on so many levels, too. Rather than spiral down, we are asked to show up and use our lives to create more light. The key is to act where you feel most moved. What about this tragedy hits you hardest? Where do you feel particularly sensitive? What do you see must change to prevent such hatred in the future?

Rather than feel paralyzed by the many layers of change required, notice what your heart feels pulled to do in the name of LOVE, from praying for victims’ families to compassionately supporting the LGBT community to influencing political leaders to helping a friend get the mental health intervention he or she needs. Some will be inspired to create ripples in their own circle of friends and families, others will be moved to create tidal waves we all hear about. Know this: it all matters. Hate holds no power over love and we are here to prove it.

Real Love Never Ends: A Poem for Grieving Hearts (Free Printable)

Real Love Never Ends - A Poem for Grieving Hearts; click for printable version of the poem

Yesterday, I posted this on my Facebook page and the words, which found their way to and through me over a year ago, have struck a chord with many.

So, I’m making this available as a free printable (just click on the image and save or print). Feel free to share it with someone you know whose heart is hurting, either using the social media buttons below or by printing it out.

Our loved ones who are no longer here physically really are still with us emotionally and spiritually. When the signs they send and help they give is noticed, they delight in it! So don’t think of yourself as silly or crazy for sensing your own link to the heavens above. It’s true: real love never ends. 

holiday greetings from the other side: 6 heaven-sent signs to watch for

6 ways your loved ones may be visiting from the other side

To kick off the holidays, we had a family movie night on Sunday. We dimmed the lights, I lit the five votive candles that spell out P-E-A-C-E on the mantel, and we all snuggled up for the A Muppet Christmas Carol. A few minutes into the movie, one of the candles blew out. A few minutes later, another. Usually, those votives last a few hours. But by the time the 85-minute movie was over, only the “P” remained lit.

“Hmmm, I’m guessing Papa wants us to know he’s watching, too,” I told the boys.

After the kids were in bed, the house was quiet; Brad sat down to write out some holiday cards for his staff and I sat down at the laptop. Suddenly, a sound in the living room startled us: it was the Beatles, singing “Love Me Do.” Just then, the “P” candle on the mantel went out.

Brad laughed, opened his arms wide as if about to give someone a hug, and said, “Ahhh. Hi, Pete!” In the three years since my dad died, the Beatles – one of my dad’s fave groups (we even sang Hey Jude at his memorial service) – have randomly begun playing on our iPod’s docking station, oftentimes in the middle of the night, so many times we’ve lost count. There’s no telling what song will play. But the candle trick that night made this serenade extra impressive, and we took that music as a direct message from my dad: “Love, love me do. You know I love you. I’ll always be true. So pleeeeeeeease…love me do.” We do, Dad, we do.

Even though I talk to spirits and angels for a living, trusting what I hear from my own loved ones is still difficult. If I’m busy or distracted, I don’t always notice them. And sometimes, I wonder if I’m just imagining what I want to hear if I’m missing my dad, grandparents or others. So to get these little earthly signs is so reassuring.

Your loved ones on the Other Side are likely doing the same for you, going out of their way to let you know they’re around. I’ve had so many readings lately during which parents, grandparents, siblings and friends have come through to let their people here know that the signs they’re seeing are really from them, just to let them know they’re loved and not alone.

We can explain these things away, or we can trust that flutter of our hearts when something odd or serendipitous happens that feels Heaven-sent. Notice how you FEEL when these things happen; if you get the chills, your heart leaps, you get teary-eyed or spooked (not their intended outcome, by the way!), acknowledge your loved ones so they know it’s working and that you want to continue feeling blessed by their presence. So, what should you watch for?

Here are 6 common ways your loved ones may be trying to reach you…  

Playing with electricity. The spirits of our loved ones are all energy, all vibration. So manipulating the energetic properties of electricity seems to be a fairly easy way for them to send us a message: the lights flicker, a device randomly turns on or off, a machine works without being plugged in, etc.

Sending signals. Another way they play with energy is by intercepting or playing with a communication signal. For instance, you hear static on the radio, a song or message you both loved plays at an unexpected place or time, the door bell rings repeatedly (with no one at the door), or your cell phone does something wild (I’ve had multiple people tell me they’ve received silent voice mails from a deceased loved one’s number shortly after their passing).

Hanging out in nature. Spirits seem to love working with messengers who have the gift of flight: birds (especially those that stand out, like bright red cardinals), butterflies and dragonflies are most common. But anything in nature that had/has special significance for you can be sent to signify you’re not alone. Years ago, I had a reading with my friend Suzanne, and my grandpa told me to watch for “strange birds” as a sign he was around. The next day, I saw a PEACOCK strutting through my office parking lot! I’ll never forget it!

Making magic. When they can, our loved ones delight in orchestrating little bits of synchronicity for us. It’s those impossible-to-plan moments when we say, “I know _________ had something to do with this!” For instance, check out the gift I got from my Nana last month! 

Sending earth angels. When our loved ones can’t get through to us, they sometimes send someone else into our lives to be a blessing or unknowingly deliver a message. This story, when “George M” watched over us, is a fun example. 

Visiting in dreams. When a loved one who’s crossed over appears in a dream, and you vividly recall it after waking, trust that you’ve had a heavenly visitor. When we sleep, we separate from the limitations of our mind, and don’t question or doubt a visitor from another dimension.

These reassuring messages from the Great Beyond come when we least expect it. If you’re watching out your window or staring at your candles longing for some kind of communication, you actually make it harder for them to get through. There’s a difference in our own energy when we’re desperate and down; in that emotional state, we tend to question or totally miss the positive energetic engagement our loved ones are attempting to establish with us. The greatest gift you can give yourself and them is to live fully, to enjoy earthly pleasures and pastimes, while trusting that your loved ones are standing by, visiting often, and dropping heavenly hints whenever the time is right.


Want to learn more about connecting with the Great Beyond? It’s a big theme during Project Light Year, and I’m amazed by the number of participants who have said this exploration has truly changed their lives. The early bird discount ends Friday; click here for details. 

a crash course with the angels (the day they saved our lives)

a crash course with the angels

I am so glad to be alive. Two weeks ago, the universe had a chance to pluck me and my little guy right off this spinning planet. But instead, we got a crash course in divine intervention. Thank God.

Two Fridays ago, I was on the phone with a friend who’s been slow-dancing with the shadows of trauma and depression. I shared some stories with her that I haven’t talked about in ages. The ones from 11 years ago, following the traumatic birth of my first son, when I was stuck in the tight grip of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Back then, the littlest things could trigger vivid visions of my child dying in every gruesome way possible – “like a terrible car crash,” I told my friend. I would try to shake them off, think of something happy…but those visions insisted on playing out from start to finish in my mind. It took a long time – and lots of good help – to win the battle with my wounded mind, to realize the visions weren’t real or threatening, and to understand I had a choice: to give in to the dark shadows in my head or fully trust that the light of God was at work in my life. That healing shift, I told her, literally saved my life.

what do little white feathers symbolize?While my friend and I talked on the phone, Tru was downstairs playing with his five-year-old buddy. The doorbell rang; it was the boy’s mom, arriving to take him home. As the little boy walked to our door to put his shoes on, he stopped and said, “Here, this is for you.” In his small hands, he held a tiny white feather. A TINY WHITE FEATHER! I don’t know where it came from or why he felt like I should have it (instead of his own mama!?), but I received it with a full heart.

White feathers are a sign I’ve encouraged so many of my ecourse students to watch for as evidence angels are around. You would not believe how many white feathers they find once they tap into that awareness! It is awesome. When this little boy handed that feather to me, I felt the power of the timing…of receiving it just after sharing on the phone how protected and safe I now feel. It felt so special, in fact, I took a picture.

It was probably an hour later when the angels swooped in to save our lives.

Tru and I went to our favorite nursery to pick out spring flowers. He asked to go outside and all the way to the back – to a shady area full of hosta plants. It was quiet and peaceful there, with no other customers around. And that’s when it happened.

We both heard a loud boom. I looked up to see a car zooming straight for us; I don’t know where it came from, but it had already hit something (thus the loud boom) and there was no time to move – or even to think of moving. I felt like I was outside of my body for a moment, watching myself watching that car speed toward us. Why was there even a car in the nursery!? It was just like my old PTSD visions, only this time it was real. And then I felt it: a shift in energy, a slowing down of time, a force unseen altering the moment. The out-of-control car would have taken mere seconds to plow into us, but instead it hit a water tank and then the staircase on the side of a nearby garage, tipping on its side just enough to somehow stop abruptly. We stood there in silent shock, until I realized we were okay.

HOLY SHIT. WE WERE OKAY. I felt myself breathe again. 

I ran to the car (it was much closer than it looks in the picture), and found the driver inside holding her head in confusion – but without a scratch on her. Tru startedCaution: #Angel Crossing screaming with worry for me, so I went back to him as staff members ran up to help the driver. Tru and I walked around in a daze after that; he kept saying, “that was a bad accident…” and I would follow it up – in amazement – with, “…and everyone’s okay.” 

The vision of that day has yet to leave my mind. It comes to me almost daily, asking me to re-live it, inviting me to be amazed by it. It is the opposite of my old visions, which left me riddled with fear. This one has no shadows; it’s a miracle in motion and leaves me feeling eternally grateful and cared for.

I don’t believe any of it is a coincidence – the telling of my shadow stories followed by the gift of that feather, followed by the divine roadblocks that kept us safe from that speeding car. And the opportunity to share it all with you is just another step in the divine order of things, I believe. Because if I tell you, and you tell others, somebody along the way is going to feel moved to make more space in her life for angels, for divinity, for magic. There are miracles happening every day. Pass it on…


having faith in facebook: the angel story i’ve got to share!

Angels all around...check out the proof. (via livlane.com)

Around here lately, the angels have been working overtime. So awesome! I know lots of people believe in angels, but not everyone trusts they’re waiting in the wings to help them.

I hate that. I want to change that.

I have been aware of angels swirling around me all my life, but one thing they’ve made very clear over the years is that it’s their honor, their joy, their mission to help ANYONE who asks. One of the reasons I started Project Light Year was to create a year-long opportunity for open-minded, open-hearted women to feel less alone – totally supported as they invite more meaning and magic into their lives.

And oh my gosh, it’s working!!

Each month we focus on a new topic (pssst! you can still sign up through this weekend & catch up!). First, we focused on the power of intention and right now, we’re flying with the angels – connecting with those celesital beings who have been seen and celebrated in nearly every culture and spiritual tradition since the beginning of time.

I cannot even explain how awesome it’s been to witness all the magic happening here. 

white feather = angels in your midst (say hello!)There are so many aha moments, energy shifts, and signs from the the universe being shared by participants. In our private forum, for instance, sooooo many have posted photos of white feathers suddenly showing up in their paths over the past couple of weeks (no down pillows in sight). Hello, angels!

I’ve been so tickled by the ways the angels have stepped up their game with me. too. Even though I know they’re around, sometimes it just makes my heart flutter to feel or see tangible evidence of their presence. And over the past few years, I’ve noticed a pattern: when I share info about angels with others, the angels do something cool to let me know they’re thrilled.

This month? The angels have started following me on Facebook. 

It takes no special talent or super power to talk to your angels. They're always listening. (via livlane.com)A few days ago, I was excited for some upcoming interviews with Project Light Year contributors about their knowledge of and experiences with angels. I decided to share my excitement via a quick post on my Facebook page and added the image on the right, which was originally part of a blog post from last summer about angels. I posted the photo to Facebook with a brief message, hoping it would reach the people who needed it that day. But when I returned to the page just 20 minutes later, my jaw dropped. The post had already been shared 100 times!

(Now, this calls for a little Facebook footnote: anyone who runs a Facebook page for their business can see how many people have viewed their posts. When someone who follows my page likes a post and shares it, it then appears on their personal Facebook page. If their friends like it, they might share it again…to their pages. Each time that happens, more people see a post and the number of “views” increases. Got it? Cool.)

With around 1300 followers, most of my Facebook posts garner 200-800 views. I think the biggest number I’d reached before this month, thanks to a few folks sharing the posts, was a few thousand. But 100 shares in 20 minutes?! As soon as I saw that, I knew the angels were responsible for guiding so many people to that post. By the end of the day, more than 300 people had shared it and over 16,000 people had seen it.

High five! I figured it was a one-time publicity push from the heavens above – but I was wrong. 

I’ve posted plenty of other nice things (though none about angels) on my page over the past week, and all have received a typical and sweet response – a few dozen “likes,” a couple of shares, a few comments. Love engaging with my peeps over there! But yesterday, I swear the angels swooped in again. 

I believe in magic and miracles...and you.I decided to share the new design for my I Believe greeting card. It celebrates having faith in the things we can’t see, including angels. I posted it on Facebook, and hours later my jaw dropped again. Even more people had shared this post than the previous angel-related one. The last time I checked this morning, it had been shared 730 times with over 35,000 views.


I’ve done a lot of research on Facebook marketing over the years (there’s a whole science to generating more page likes and it’s pretty nauseating). But the so-called social media gurus have nothing on the soulful media gurus waiting in the wings; angels thrilled to help, especially when it comes to sharing their light and helping anyone feel less alone.

Think about it: if the angels have time to share pretty pictures on Facebook, they surely have time to help you, too. Just trust. Just ask. And when you feel them around you, tell somebody. Because when we spread the love and share the light, magic happens.


Note: Registration for Project Light Year ends this Sunday, Feb 23rd. You can still catch up on content we’ve covered and join our amazing community; we’d love to have you (and the angels would too!).

into the light: my biggest collaboration ever – and it may be meant for you

an invitation from spirit (my kind of blurred lines!)

Something happened last week that I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to share with you. It’s why I’ve been pretty quiet here lately. I’ve focused only on the most pressing needs – my family, my classes – but the rest of me has been totally engrossed in the stunning show that is my life these days.

Some of you already know my interactions with the great beyond have intensified so much since my dad died two years ago (I wrote about it here in June), and particularly rapidly over the past few months. The angels are louder, the spirits are clearer, the knowing is stronger. Years ago, I could ignore it…numb out…distract myself. Not anymore.

I am being called deeper into my calling. And apparently, you are, too. 

This past week, there have been huge shifts, breathtaking messages, and perfectly-timed guidance to catapult me into the next leg of my journey. Last Tuesday, I did a Firecracker Call with a wonderful client, but she didn’t get specific guidance for her work in the world during our session. Instead, her departed (and sweet-as-can-be) son came through with crystal clear messages and images for her that blew us both away. I’ve lost track of how many of these soul-to-soul reunions I’ve facilitated, but this one felt extra powerful…extra clear. And extra hot. I am always cold – but I was so hot during that conversation, I was peeling off layers of clothing. An hour later, I was in a favorite healer’s office (at an already scheduled appointment). Right away, he knew a major shift was in the works – in how I connect, how I communicate, how I hear, how I see, how my body processes it all.

Over the next couple of days, I physically felt shifts in my body that seemed to be magnifying my extrasensory awareness and abilities. It was so wild; kind of like feeling your baby move when you’re pregnant – except these shifts were happening from my chest up to the crown of my head. Was I scared? Not at all. Though I am terrified of horror movies and ghost stories, I am always completely at peace whenever I feel connected to God, to spirits, to angels.

Loved. Led. Protected.

Then, on Thursday night, I had an extremely vivid dream about creating a new online offering this year. But when I woke up, I shrugged it off; I couldn’t recall what the “dream” class was supposed to be about and it would be difficult to create something new with this class starting in early November and another project in the works for early next year. But it stirred inside me, that dream. Wouldn’t let me go. So, I decided to meditate on it to see if I received any additional guidance. Boy, did I ever.

It felt like an instant, but as soon as I asked for guidance on that dream, I was out of my body for a good 20 minutes, listening to instructions from the kindest, most loving army of angels and spirits. They spoke in one beautiful voice, asking me to receive and deliver a series of daily messages on their behalf, and facilitate a circle of support for those who read them. How will I find the people you want to reach, I asked. They’ll find their way to you, they said. What if people think I’ve lost my mind, I asked. The people who are ready for this won’t, they said. And what will I say to invite them to come? 

With that question, I was asked to go to type out a message, an invitation. (They knew, I suppose, that this is fairly normal for me; spirits have frequently visited me when I was at my computer, hoping I’d type out a message to loved ones.) So, I typed as I heard their sacred words. When they were done, I read it back and my eyes filled with tears.

Spirit Says…

You are a divine creation, like no other. Possibility is infinite. Hope is your paddle in a river of worry.

Shed the expectations of what your life should be, who you ought to be. To be, do nothing. You (humankind) have it backwards, striving to do in order to be something more than you already are.

We come not to convince you that God exists, but that you are holy. Perfect. We watch you obsess about the little things so much that the big things pass you by. You do not know what you have already missed. And we long for you to see it, be it, find YOUR highest power. 

We will gather for 18 days before the solstice, walking you into the light, walking with you in love, speaking to you through Liv, speaking to you through life. 

I sat there stunned, trying to catch my breath, feverishly dialing my hubby on the phone. I rushed over to the calendar; the Winter Solstice is Dec. 21. Counting backwards 18 days means we’d start on Dec. 4th. Gulp. A crazy-busy time of year…and the shortest, darkest days of the year…yes, of course. Probably no better time, I thought, for all of us to step deeper into the light.

Over the weekend, I have gained more clarity on what to do, though I have no idea what to expect from the messages that are received. It will be a leap of faith for all of us which, I guess, is the point. Right after I received that first message, I did ask Spirit the significance of 18 days. Immediately, I was told: To represent that you are 1 with infinity (8). Whoa. I also wondered if I should even charge people to participate in something so sacred, but Spirit was adamant that I charge “dollars equal to days,” because my spiritual and intellectual abilities as well as earthly resources are being leveraged to bring this to fruition.

So there you have it. I’m collaborating with Spirit. Holy wow!

And YOU are so totally invited! Each message will be delivered daily via email starting Dec. 4th for 18 days. I will set up a private Facebook group where we can hyperventilate breathe it in together. It will cost $18. If it doesn’t feel right for you, believe me – I understand. But if it does, you can sign up here.

into the light with liv lane

Note: Since posting this, I have created this page dedicated to Into the Light, where you can register, get the latest info and find answers to the (many!) questions coming in. Thank you!

angel notes: messages meant for you

you are loved. love, your angels

I realize I’ve been pretty quiet here the past couple of weeks. Maybe because it’s been pretty noisy in my head. Two weeks ago, I revealed here the truth about my intuitive abilities. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your incredible support. What a huge relief to put that out there and get so much love back. The comments. The emails. The tweets. The Firecracker Calls (heart is seriously bursting doing these!).

What I didn’t expect was the tidal wave of support – and excited chatter – from the Other Side. Lots of whispers and wings in my ear these days; angels so THRILLED that I shared my reality with you and so EAGER to share theirs with you, too. The other night, they grew so loud that I just sat down in the dudio and wrote their simple but meaningful messages on notepaper, promising to pass them along to you soon.

First, though, I needed their help conquering some fears. I’m still working through my own insecurities about sounding totally crazypants here. Tapping into my intuition and receiving messages from beyond during a one-on-one session is comfortable for me; I can explain myself, answer questions, feed off a person’s energy. But in front of everyone? Ironically, I feel a little naked on my own blog, exposing my true self to the whole world, in writing – maybe even to people who think I’ve lost my marbles. Well, the angels had a quick response to that:

Disregard attempts – intentional or not – to dampen your spirit or hold you back. Focus instead on the people who believe in us and in you, ready and willing to hear more. Be a bold-hearted messenger. Anyone reading this has been drawn to you for a reason; they trust you, now trust them. 

Whoa. (Chills!) Smart cookies, those angels.

you are never alone - notes from the angels

I felt my fear lift. I felt courage re-emerge. I thought back on all of the years these winged wonders have helped me, how they’ve been my quiet companions since I was little, never asking for anything in return. And now, here they were, excitedly hoping that I would let their divine work more obviously bleed into my own work, that I might share their love with more of you. In that light…in that bright, white light…it was an easy YES. Feels like an honor, in fact – that they would use me and that you would listen.

talk to your #angels - post by liv lane with heaven-sent notes for you

So let us start here, with the message above…straight from above.  Sounds so simple, but they’re so intent on letting you know that there are angels waiting in the wings, so to speak, for every single one of you. Waiting to help you feel less alone. Waiting for you to request something…anything: a better day, a boost of confidence, an awesome parking spot. You can speak out loud or in your head. You can close your eyes or keep them wide open. There are no rules, there is only love.

I transcribed these messages from them and photographed the notes last Thursday night, planning to post them here this week. The next day, I started a “small” organization project at home that snowballed into a half-day event requiring five cabinet clean-outs (sheesh!). As I cleared out the shelves of vases and candles above our stove, I found this mug at the way back; I have no idea where it came from or how it got there:

angel mug - via children of the inner light

And friends? The back of it says: Grace surrounds us always, and is the nurture of God’s love. Watch for your angel. The bonds we have are everlasting. 

Hello, goosebumps! Just one more benefit of connecting with your angels: they leave behind really good gifts.


Pssst! Did you hear? Google Reader shut down yesterday. If you don’t want to miss my blog posts, I’d love to have you subscribe via a service like BlogLovin’ or Feedly (search for #livlane) or via email. Thanks!

Angel in My Corner: My New Favorite Photo

Holy smokes, you guys. I just had to drop in to share this with you – my new favorite picture. I’ve been taking a little break from the blog the past couple of days to focus on some big projects. But tomorrow’s Little Bliss List Day and I planned to share that I’ve been having fun re-discovering some old favorites in my closet, like this cozy cardigan I got for a steal – and forgot about! So, I posed in front of a mirror with my iPhone. I was focusing on making sure I was fully in the frame, not paying attention to anything outside of myself {insert ego joke here – heehee!}.

When I looked at the result, my heart skipped a beat. There’s my dad, hiding out in the corner, seemingly watching me from within that picture frame. It’s the same photo Tru was dancing with the other day. It didn’t make me sad; just the opposite, in fact. Looking at this photo, I feel like my dad was right there, taking the picture with me, letting me know he’s always hanging out in the corner, watching over me with all that love and pride in his eyes, just like always. Picture perfect. Thanks, Dad.



Calling All Angels


Have you ever sent an angel to someone? When a loved one is struggling and asks for good vibes, here’s what I do: I envision my friend or relative wrapped in bright light, feeling super-duper-loved, and I say a little prayer, asking that the perfect angel swoop down and invisibly offer comfort or a miraculous solution. It only takes a second, and I truly believe those ethereal beings are waiting in the wings {so to speak!} to be of service, even for small incidents like computer glitches or pre-speech jitters.


I rarely tell my loved ones I’m sending angels to the rescue, but it’s so fun to later hear their descriptions of how things cleared up: help appears “out of the blue,” a problem gets solved “just like that!”, or they report suddenly feeling so at peace with a situation. Every angel expert I’ve talked with says no problem is too small, no requests go unheard. Even if it sounds a little crazy, try it the next time you wish you could help a loved one in distress.


Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for, without being seen, they are present with you.  ~St Francis of Sales