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Liv Lane with LaptopI am so thrilled you’re here and hope you find insights and inspiration that feed your soul and make you smile. This is how I arrived here…

After a traumatic birth experience with my firstborn son in 2003, I slipped into a deep and dark depression. Luckily, my baby and I went home from the hospital physically healthy. Mentally, however, I was incredibly fragile.  After my maternity leave, I put a good face on at work and with friends, but was crumbling inside. When asked, I couldn’t think of a thing that brought me joy. I had always been a happy, positive person but it felt like my spirit had been snuffed out. By the time my son was two, I was practically numb. I was diagnosed with postnatal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and postpartum depression.

That’s when I took my first steps on the journey back to joyful, purposeful living – and, believe it or not, blogging. 

One day, moments after leaving my therapist’s office, I noticed a huge, brilliant rainbow arching over an intersection. But none of the drivers around me seemed to notice; they were on their cell phones, applying makeup or staring blankly ahead. In that moment, I wished I had a camera to take a picture so I could share that gorgeous rainbow with others. I wondered what other amazing sights I had missed, having been stuck in the muck for so long. And then – clear as day – I heard a voice whisper these words:

“Take a picture of something beautiful every day for a year.”

It was a voice I couldn’t ignore. I tried to find a photo album with 365 slots, but had no luck. Then, I heard about something called a blog – a simple web site where I could upload my pictures and thoughts. I posted my very first entry on my birthday – October 11, 2006 – and told a few friends about my new blog, then called One Year of Beauty. I thought it would be a good daily exercise for my soul, aiding my healing and allowing me to regularly reflect on my day. I quickly learned I was not the only one who needed healing or inspiration. Within weeks, the blog had attracted attention from newspapers and radio stations, as well as readers from around the world. It felt like a re-birth! By the end of my “one year of beauty,” noticing and relishing the little miracles in my midst had become habit for me and readers asked me to keep going.

Choosing Beauty, Inc. was born in 2007 as I left corporate life to focus full-time on inspiring others to change their lives by seeing the beauty – the magic, the miracles, the meaning – in their everyday lives. The blog has evolved over time, becoming a platform for me to write from the heart about the power of intention, intuition, inspiration and inner sparks – all essential to lead a beautiful life.

I hope each time you come here, you feel energized and motivated to illuminate your awesomeness. 

Love & Light,
liv lane



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