Nesting Instincts

Oh, bless the little birds who saw this No Parking sign and parked there anyway, perching a nest right on top. Such moxie!

In most bird species, the mama sets her sights on the perfect spot for a new nest, the daddy builds it and then the mama decides if it meets her expectations. I suspect the birds who live here, on top of a street sign, longed for a quiet neighborhood for their brood, with access to good schools and nice parks – only to find that every tree was taken or there was nothing in their price range.

What’s a mama to do? She finds a way. She flaps her wings. She breaks some rules. And asks for forgiveness later.

The so-called experts don’t mention this in baby books. They don’t reveal that what we should really expect when we’re expecting is that motherhood will be an act of extreme courage; that sooner than later, we’ll have to slam some doors and turn some tables and raise our voices to get what’s best for our families.

The next time I need to ruffle some feathers, I’ll think of this gravity- and rule-defying nest – and the brave parents who built it – for inspiration. If they can do it, so can we.

Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane