All Lit Up: My Super Hero Name

Yesterday, famously fierce coach/author/blogger Danielle LaPorte asked her peeps this burning question: “What’s Your Super Hero Name?” Hers is Agent Now – because she’s always “seeing into the now so deep that I can see the past and the future.” Right on.

As soon as I read her question, my superhero name came to me like a flash of light. Quite appropriate, actually, once you see who I am.

I’ve thought of myself as a superhero before; in fact, my “creative superpowers” take center stage in my bio. But I’d never given myself a superhero name. Perhaps it was there all along, invisible to the human eye and burning to be known. 


So, are you ready for it? Here goes. 

I am…The Illuminator.


With laser-like focus and heart-thumping intuition, I’m capable of seeing others’ sparks, even before they do. I’ll catch your dreams with my bare hands, then shine a light on your path. My paint brushes are torches, burning truth into canvas so you walk away from my art positively glowing. I am your light in the dark, your candle in the wind – ready to help you emerge from the shadows, gleefully gobsmacked by all the gifts around you and within you. That’s right. I am…The Illuminator.  Clearly, I need a lightning bolt cape and glow-in-the-dark tights.


So, fellow superheroes, do tell…what shall I call you?? 

Liv Lane

Liv Lane

As an intuitive adviser, author & teacher, I help brave-hearted women illuminate their paths to purpose through powerful classes, individual readings, workshops and writings. This blog, started in 2006, chronicles my journey and offers light for yours. Thrilled you're here!
Liv Lane