Who on Earth is Buying These!!?? {10.30.11}

I love laughing at life’s little oddities and last night, I was doubled-over with giggles in an odd little gift store Ryder discovered at the mall. In the ‘things that make you go WTF’ department, I give you three of the creepiest celebrity trinkets I’ve seen in a long while…

Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the shelf full of Wizard of Oz trinkets, charmed from afar by a metal character lunchbox. As I got closer, I realized it was the only cute memento – the others were downright creepy. I mean, who on earth is going to buy this Dorothy – all puffy and cross-eyed with mittens for hands!? Follow the yellow brick road to crazy town!

I’m sad Audrey Hepburn: The Bobblehead is blurry – but the shop owner startled me, thinking I was snapping the shot because I loved the item. He excitedly informed me that next week they’ll also have Audrey coasters. Oh boy! Wonder if she’ll look like a giant man on those, too.

And then there’s this one. Totally understandable, completely explainable, hard to pass up: Marilyn Monroe with a duck beak. I bought 12.

Happy Sunday, friends! Don’t forget to smile!

Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane