Coming Back To Earth {09.18.11}

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I feel like I’m walking through transparent goop. The air feels thick, my feet feel like bricks, I’m winded and my throat hurts. Maybe this is how astronauts feel upon re-entry, after a long trip to another world.

This happens every time I immerse myself in a gathering of creative, can-do women…but it’s hitting me especially hard after The Creative Connection, an amazing conference for creative/artsy entrepreneurs that just wrapped up in St. Paul. Spending the past three days was like stepping into another galaxy. I felt weightless at times, lifted up by the collective innovation and camaraderie of strong, spirited women from all over the globe.

I found myself getting choked up many times – hearing the stories of women who have given their all to their craft, watching courage being born in so many attendees, connecting with creative spirits who live half a world away {I’ll tell you more about them in another post}.

I feel energized to breathe new life into old ideas and breathe in all the new possibilities swirling ’round my head and heart. But first, I feel super motivated to take a nap.

Liv Lane

Liv Lane

As an intuitive adviser, author & teacher, I help brave-hearted women illuminate their paths to purpose through powerful classes, individual readings, workshops and writings. This blog, started in 2006, chronicles my journey and offers light for yours. Thrilled you're here!
Liv Lane