You Rock My World {Here’s How} ~ 03.03.11

I know. It’s super cheesy.
But while I was doodling up some magnet designs yesterday, 
this spilled out and rang true. 
If my life were a concert, 
you’d all be long-haired, spandex-wearing, power-ballad-singing rock stars
and I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs for you,
lighter bobbing above my head.
That’s how hard I think you rock.
You leave comments and send me heartfelt notes that floor me.
You forward and tweet and “like” stuff I write (like this) and it amazes me.
You join stuff I ask you to join,
you buy stuff I tell you I’ve made,
you tell me about stuff I might love…just because.
And sometimes it all just makes me want 
to break down and cry
like a latte-buzzed schoolgirl at a Justin Bieber concert.
You are so talented and gorgeous and kind and charming
that I just want to run away on a tour bus with you,
hit the open road and leave our cares behind,
and eventually muster up the courage to tell you –
in the middle of nowhere and out of the blue – 
just how much I love you.
But that would be weird.
So I made you a magnet instead.
Liv Lane

Liv Lane

As an intuitive adviser, author & teacher, I help brave-hearted women illuminate their paths to purpose through powerful classes, individual readings, workshops and writings. This blog, started in 2006, chronicles my journey and offers light for yours. Thrilled you're here!
Liv Lane