From The Heart: Children’s Amazing Owl Art {03.11.11}

I am so completely smitten with these sweet and stunning owls. I ran across them at my second grader’s school yesterday: a whole hallway lined with dazzling, colorful, quirky owls that stopped me in my tracks! Wish I could show you every single one, but I only had time to photograph a handful.

You know who made these whimsical winged wonders? Authentic, fearless little artists. Free spirits – unafraid to express themselves, unaffected by what others do or say, undeterred by the supposed “rules” of art. Oh, how I wish we could bottle that up!

When I look closely at each owl, I notice such intricate and breathtaking details: stripes and circles, stars and moons, multi-colored feathers, beautiful bellies, passion and personality, tiny feet and giant wings. A blend of crayons and courage, every owl is a glorious stream of consciousness put on paper. Swoon.  

{p.s. wanna draw your own glorious owl?}
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Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane