The Pump Topper Gazette ~ 02.10.11

How in the world can this be the first time
I’ve ever seen a gas station offer this type of kindness to its customers!?
It’s brilliant! And such an easy way to engage and entertain a captive audience.
Yesterday at Glenn’s One Stop –
a long-standing, independently owned gas station near my parents’ house –
I noticed two laminated sheets of paper posted next to each gas pump. 
“The Pump Topper Gazette” (cute!) has a bunch of funny facts and jokes
to capture people’s attention while they stand there, waiting for their gas tank to fill up.
It was below 0 and I actually stood outside my car,
reading and chuckling about the tidbits.
I left the station with more than gas
(okay, that didn’t sound right).
I left the station with a full tank and a happy heart
(that’s much better). 
Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane