Kick Up Your Heels ~ 02.15.11

I was seriously crushing on Converse sneakers yesterday.
Both of my boys have worn (out) tiny Chuck Taylors 
(at one point they had matching brown ones)
and I think they’re just the cutest thing.
Yesterday afternoon, I saw a tweet from Tara of Scoutie Girl
about a cool collaboration between Converse 
and one of my fave fabric design houses, Merimekko.
My heart skipped a beat.
Yep. A match made in heaven. 
I’ll take one of every pair, please. 
Then, last night, I had to run to the store for milk.
I went to Kowalski’s, which has the greatest little gift shop, 
and I snacked on all the eye candy before heading to the dairy section.
In the gift area, I stumbled upon a bucket full
of adorable sneaker key chains – some in vibrant colors, others all glam with glitter.
They were obviously All-Star knock-offs (see pic above), but I loved them just the same.
Funny how something as simple as shoes
can float your boat and add a spring to your step!
What simple joys will you notice today?
Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane