Take a Peek Inside My Fridge ~ 01.07.11

A full fridge is one of those little blessings in life I so often take for granted. When we returned from our holiday trip, our refrigerator was a sight for sore eyes. No milk, no juice, no bread, no dignity. We scrounged up enough shelf-stable stuff from our cabinets to make dinner on the fly, before I could squeeze in a trip to the grocery store.

Once I returned and had put everything away, that jam-packed fridge looked so abundant. I stood there for a second, feeling so satisfied and grateful. I feel so lucky to have seemingly simple blessings like this, especially when I think of the millions of people who don’t.

When the refrigerator was good-to-go on the inside, I decided to straighten up on the outside. I know Feng Shui practitioners typically advise against cluttering your fridge with magnets, coupons and kids’ art, but I can’t help myself. I figure at least I may get brownie points for keeping them slightly organized!

I moved our affirmation magnets & messages to  the freezer door, where I can see them all in one place each day. My favorites are the little “love you” and “believe” circles made by my seven-year-old.  Sweet, huh?

So, the fridge is stocked. The clutter is contained. Life is good. Wanna come over for dinner?

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Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane