12.11.10: Choosing To Soak It Up

Whenever you reach for me, I try to soak up the feeling
of that tiny but chubby hand in mine,
your soft-as-silk skin nearly slipping from my grip,
your little fingers grasping mine
when you’re unsure of the ground beneath your feet
or where the path ahead might take you. 
My heart breaks whenever I envision the day
you’ll no longer reach up to hold my hand,
you’ll no longer need me for balance, assurance or comfort – 
the very things I get from you
when you place your hand in mine.
Liv Lane

Liv Lane

As an intuitive adviser, author & teacher, I help brave-hearted women illuminate their paths to purpose through powerful classes, individual readings, workshops and writings. This blog, started in 2006, chronicles my journey and offers light for yours. Thrilled you're here!
Liv Lane