10.18.10 Choosing To Bloom, Baby, Bloom

This past weekend, I had two separate conversations
with old friends who are ready to bloom! So exciting!
Both in their 40s, they’ve each had busy, productive, fulfilling lives.
And yet they’re both in this sweet spot
of sensing there’s something more out there for them,
that they’ve got more blooming and growing to do.
One has so many ideas swirling around in her head
and so many opportunities at her fingertips
that it’s as if the universe can’t wait for her to get started!
The other, a creative writer and mom, is considering a huge life change.
I am so impressed and awestruck
by these fearless females.
They’re able to trust their intuition,
they’re willing to plant new seeds of hope and possibility,
they’re ready to bloom like never before.
Have you done any blooming lately??
Speaking of fearless females, my friend Colleen recently re-launched her blog, Keeping Her Cool.
She’ll be hosting her first giveaway today, featuring my art goodies!
Head over there to win a necklace and set of itty bitty thank you cards!
Liv Lane

Liv Lane

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Liv Lane