10.04.10 Choosing To Think Pink

I went out and about to find more fall colors
and, instead, I stumbled upon these pretty-in-pink crysanthemums.
What a pleasant surprise!
These flowers always remind me of comedian Phylis Diller’s
crazy hats and hairdos.

Funny how a simple flower
can instantly trigger a thought of someone or someplace.
Violets always make me think of my Nana, whose name is Vi.
Lilacs remind me of my dad because, despite liking the smell of them,
he always sneezed around the ones in our backyard when we were little!
And carnations catapult me back to awkward high school dances.

So…which flowers remind you of people, places or the past?
I’d love to hear!

Liv Lane

Liv Lane

As an intuitive adviser, author & teacher, I help brave-hearted women illuminate their paths to purpose through powerful classes, individual readings, workshops and writings. This blog, started in 2006, chronicles my journey and offers light for yours. Thrilled you're here!
Liv Lane